Friday, November 14, 2014

Colette: 15 Weeks & Pictures!

Finally a sorta smile :)

15 Weeks
-grabbing everything
-First snow!!
-Sleeping 7-6 every night
-Loves loves when I sing
-Wakes up to every little noise (just like Amelia)
-"talking" all the time
-finally on a nap schedule
-rolling from front to back

Breastfeeding update: After all the great tips I got last week there have been some improvements. I started taking fenugreek, eating oatmeal, drinking mothers milk tea, increased my water, pumping more, and nursing on demand. I am exhausted but I have noticed a difference and Colette is sleeping much better. I have only had to supplement one 4 oz bottle in the last week. Hooray! Thanks everyone for the tips! 

On to the next order of business. I take a lot of pictures on my phone and then they just sit there. It's about time I shared some of those photos from the last month with you. Enjoy.

Leaf Peeping. 
Went to Cabela's and this little turkey loved it.
 Drake's Island sunset watching. 
When Brian and I were dating I used to make fun of him for wearing socks and sandals. Then one day I looked down...oh how times change.  

We can't go anywhere without her bear.
Sweet little ginger.
This picture was from one of the Halloween parties we went to. It made me laugh because R2D2 is in the background. 
Want to get your kids to eat salad. Make one for yourself and that's the only thing they want. 

Her favorite time of the day. Most days...

Amelia playing "baby". That bouncy seat in gonna break any day now.

Painting a frame for her room. 
Our view this morning :)

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