Friday, November 7, 2014

Colette: 14 Weeks & My Struggles

One of these days I will get a smile out of her

14 Weeks
-First Halloween!
-First visit to urgent care
-Slept 12 hours!! Once...
-Very close to rolling over
-Drooling machine (I hope its not teeth yet)

We had our first trip to urgent care this week. It was actually my first visit ever. It wasn't really an urgent matter but I ended up going there anyway. Colette had a rash on her neck that was not going away. I had noticed it for about a week and tried everything I could think. Poor little thing has such a chubby little neck that she had major chub rub right in the crease. It was really awful looking so I took her in got a scrip and in 24 hours rash was gone. No biggie. The reason I wanted to share this super exciting story was because we had such a good experience. The hospital here feels like a nice hotel. We were seen within 5 minutes and everyone was so nice. There is just something about small towns. 

Onto the next topic. Breastfeeding. I am gonna write a little about my experience so if you aren't interested in that topic now is the time to click the little x. 

I am all about breastfeeding for 3 reasons: good for the baby, helps you lose weight, and it's free. I am in no way opposed to formula, in fact Amelia and Colette both came home from the hospital having to supplement with formula. What's fantastic is that we have formula as another healthy option for feeding. 

Now that we are nearing the 4 month mark it looks like my supply is drying up...again. Around this time with Amelia I started to notice that she never seemed full, started waking up at night, wanted to eat constantly, and became really crabby. I gave it a full month until I started to supplement every feeding with formula. She changed instantly. She slept through the night again and was back to being content and happy. She finally wasn't hungry all the time. With supplementing my supply dried up even faster and I was done at 6 months. 

Fast forward two years and I am finding myself in the same situation. It seems to be happening a lot faster this time though. Colette gave me one 12 hour night and then its been up at least twice a night since then. I woke up yesterday morning and I had nothing to give. Colette was frustrated and I was exhausted. When I got up I tried pumping for 30 minutes and got less than an ounce when I normally get 4-6 ounces. I tried all day to nurse and pump and nothing. I had some mother's milk tea which seemed to help a little but I ended up having to give Colette 3 feedings of formula and/or pumped milk (from my freezer). Like I said earlier, I am not opposed to formula but nursing is free! I feel like if I start supplementing every feeding I am basically calling it quits. So frustrating! I feel totally jealous of the women who can stockpile their freezers or feed their baby for a year. I guess we all have the things that we struggle with. This is one of mine.  

If anyone has had a similar experience and has some tips they would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. I had trouble with my supply - then I discovered "More Milk Plus". It's a herbal supplement for increasing supply, found at Whole Foods or even online. It was amazing! It comes in liquid form or capsules - I took the liquid. It doesn't taste great, but it worked for me. I think the Fenugreek is the "active" ingredient so there may be other products that contain it and will help. Good luck!

  2. Oh, another thing that helped my milk supply...which is too late for you now, but may be helpful with the next baby :) It sounds gross, but I had my placenta dehydrated and put into capsules to injest. I took anywhere from 1 to 4 a day. It helped with my supply ( i know becuase I did this with my second child and not my first, but I did the more milk plus with both of them and my supply was way greater the second time), and it also helped a lot with hormonal balance and avoiding any baby blues.