Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Our first Thanksgiving in Maine and we had visitors. We were lucky to have Brian's sister and her family all the way from southern California. It is a long trip to Maine and we feel so grateful they made the effort. 

We started our holiday with a "friendsgiving". We were invited to celebrated at a friends house with a lot of people and TONS of food. I haven't been that full in a while! On Friday I woke up early early to hit the stores. I didn't have any specific things in mind that I wanted to buy but I like the excitement of shopping on black Friday. While the girls were still in bed I picked up some hot cocoa, cranked up the Christmas music, and hit the outlets. As I was driving around listening to Perry Como with the snow coming down I felt overwhelmingly full of Christmas spirit. I can't believe I am saying this but I am loving the snow right now. 

After shopping we decided to build a snowman while we waited for our visitors. We started to build a snowman and it turned into just throwing snowballs at Goose (his favorite). Amelia is the sweetest little snow bunny.

I know I said this already but we were so grateful that we had visitors. While we love Maine and it feels very much like home, we miss family. A lot. It feels like little pieces of our hearts are missing and when we see family a couple of those pieces are back for a short time.  Cousins also have the best bonds. They were instant buddies and Amelia was in heaven. 

First stop, the Nubble Lighthouse. One of our favorites. 
All the girls. 
Saturday we woke up and had a little Christmas celebration. After opening gifts we hit the road to Portland. Our first destination was another lighthouse, Portland Head in Cape Elizabeth. I love this spot. The views are fantastic from this spot and you can see a couple more lighthouses if you walk around. 

It was freezing!!!! (and I left my coat in the car)

After the lighthouse we went into downtown Portland for lunch. Portland is known for it's restaurants and it did not disappoint. We ended up at The North Point. Huge portions and really really tasty. I give it 4 out of 5 stars ;) We also hit up East End Cupcakes, obviously. Also delicious. If you are in Maine make sure you hit Portland for the food. It's worth it. 

Since our family came from California they don't get a lot of snow time. We had to try out some sledding before they were on their way. The hotels near our house are closed for the winter and have great hills. We bundled up, grabbed our $5 disc sleds, and hit the hill. So. much. fun. 
There has never been a happier kid. Ever.

Not to be left out Colette rolled over from back to front for the first time this morning. Milestones seem so silly but they are always exciting. I caught a picture right after she did it. 

We were sad to see them go. They are off on an adventure to New York City and I am jealous :)  I can't wait to hit New York during the holidays. When the girls are a little older I would love to add that to our traditions.  

The whole gang. Tripod for the win. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Let the Christmas countdown begin. Actually let the countdown begin until our next visitors. 11 DAYS!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! (Colette: 4 Months)

4 Months
-First Thanksgiving!
-Sleeping 11-12 hours every night.
-Mockingjay...loved it (me, not Coco :)
 -Still sweet & content...that's how I make them I guess. 

It's Thanksgiving morning and I am doing this quick little update so I don't get too far behind. We are hanging out enjoying the beautiful snowy weather while Brian is off enjoying a turkey bowl. The pictures below are Colette's pajama pictures and our Thanksgiving holiday so far. 

Once a week we do family pizza night. Amelia wakes up in the morning asking to make pizza regularly. For Thanksgiving eve we made our best yet. It's my favorite night of the week.
Snow is officially here. It is very pretty...but it's still snow. I will be over it in a day or two. For now I am enjoying the view from inside. 
He loves it!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Holiday Pictures

We had one of those really great weekends. The kind that nothing was out of the ordinary but we were just happy. On Friday we went candle pin bowling, Amelia's first time. She loved loved it. She couldn't stop laughing because she was so excited. She kept saying, "this is so funny".  I haven't uploaded those pictures but if you follow me on insta (tyoast) you can see some there.

On Saturday we had plans of venturing north for the day. The farthest we have gone was Portland so we planned on exploring. I also got it in my head that this was the perfect time to take some family pictures for our holiday cards. Side note: taking your own family pictures rarely works out.   

We ended up at Wolf Neck Woods just north of Freeport. It was gorgeous!! Right in Casco Bay. We love hiking near the water and this was perfect. It also happened to be freezing but we tried our best. 

Here are some of the pictures from our little hike. 

We tried to get the whole gang with a tripod and a timer. Trying to get a baby and a dog to look at a camera is basically impossible. This was the best we could do :)

Happy Monday everyone!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Colette: 15 Weeks & Pictures!

Finally a sorta smile :)

15 Weeks
-grabbing everything
-First snow!!
-Sleeping 7-6 every night
-Loves loves when I sing
-Wakes up to every little noise (just like Amelia)
-"talking" all the time
-finally on a nap schedule
-rolling from front to back

Breastfeeding update: After all the great tips I got last week there have been some improvements. I started taking fenugreek, eating oatmeal, drinking mothers milk tea, increased my water, pumping more, and nursing on demand. I am exhausted but I have noticed a difference and Colette is sleeping much better. I have only had to supplement one 4 oz bottle in the last week. Hooray! Thanks everyone for the tips! 

On to the next order of business. I take a lot of pictures on my phone and then they just sit there. It's about time I shared some of those photos from the last month with you. Enjoy.

Leaf Peeping. 
Went to Cabela's and this little turkey loved it.
 Drake's Island sunset watching. 
When Brian and I were dating I used to make fun of him for wearing socks and sandals. Then one day I looked down...oh how times change.  

We can't go anywhere without her bear.
Sweet little ginger.
This picture was from one of the Halloween parties we went to. It made me laugh because R2D2 is in the background. 
Want to get your kids to eat salad. Make one for yourself and that's the only thing they want. 

Her favorite time of the day. Most days...

Amelia playing "baby". That bouncy seat in gonna break any day now.

Painting a frame for her room. 
Our view this morning :)