Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Recap

Amelia and I have been really sick the last few days so I was determined to get out for a little on Saturday. It is peak season for leaf peeping. I wanted to get out and enjoy the changing colors a little before the season is gone and winter has us in her cold wicked grasp. 
Main street in Kennebunk

We hopped in the car Saturday morning not really sure where we were headed. We ended up in Kennebunk while they were having a Harvest Festival. We lucked out because there was a costume parade right as we got there. We didn't stay long but we enjoyed the small town costume parade and a cider donut. If you haven't had a cider donut yet, make it happen. 

We also spent some time up in South Portland for leaf peeping, shopping, and lunch. On our way home we were pulling into Wells right at sunset. When we luck out with that timing we will usually stop by Drakes Island to watch the sun go down. This spot has the best view of the beach, the harbor, the wetlands, and the trees. If we had binoculars we would be able to see our house in the middle of the trees. I had my camera so we decided to try and get a couple pictures on this beautiful fall night. 

This is probably the best picture we got of the four of us. After a few minutes of trying to get pictures it started to get weird. 

It was such a fun day! Unfortunately we woke up early early Sunday morning and Amelia and I were still sick and Colette was now sick. Inevitable but still a bummer! While we were eating breakfast Amelia sneezed and hit her face on the table biting her lip open and blood was everywhere. It was decided right there that it would be a day full of sleeping, movie watching, and comfort food. Feeling much better today :)

Happy Monday everyone!

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