Thursday, October 30, 2014

Colette: 3 Months

.::3 MONTHS::.

13 Weeks
-First costume party/trick or treating.
-Growth spurt...waking up twice a night. Boo. 
-Decorated Halloween cookies
-Watched Hocus Pocus
-She loves when I sing "Sunshine"

It has been a fun week leading up to Halloween. We have been hitting a few parties, decorating cookies, watching Halloween themed everything, and dressing up in costumes to go to Target. Looking forward to the whole gang dressing up tomorrow (Goose included). Amelia is a trick or treating pro and I am a candy eating pro so we make the perfect team. 

Colette is obviously loving all the Halloween festivities.  By loving, I mean she is a baby and doesn't care at all. She is still a sweet girl with an easy going personality. Someone called her my accessory because she rarely makes a noise and just hangs out most of the time. Her red hair gets more and more evident as the weeks pass. Three months is when babies start to get really fun for me. I love the smiles and laughing. I also love the sweet noises she makes when she is "talking" to me. 

Here are her 3 month pajama pictures! Happy Halloween Eve!

ps. Yay for the Giants!!! What a fantastic series. Champs again!!! Makes me miss home a little bit more. 

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