Friday, October 17, 2014

Colette: 11 Weeks

She is so smiley but I can't get her to smile for the weekly pictures. 

11 Weeks
-11 lbs & 23"
-Dr. appointment (4 shots included)
-Applecrest Farm
-Front street playroom
-Sleeping 9-6 every night

We had our first appointment at our new pediatricians office this week. We did Colette's two month and Amelia's two year (finally). I love our new pediatrician! I wasn't unhappy at our last pediatrician but sometimes I felt like they pressured or that they weren't respecting my opinion. When I said I didn't want to do the flu shot they would really put a lot of pressure on. Amelia has a benign heart murmur and we have known this her whole life. When we started going to that pediatrician he felt like it could be a problem and scared us into going to a cardiologist. When we got to the cardiologist and did a number of tests he said, "why did you come in this is obviously benign". After that ($800 later) we decided that we would look for a new pediatrician. 

At the end of our appointment this week the nurse practitioner said, "do you want to do the flu shot?" I said no and she didn't say anything else. I was thrilled! That has never happened before. The nurse respected my opinion and didn't pressure further. I understand the importance of vaccines but I also want my opinion as an adult and parent to be considered. To top off the great appointment we got two free books!


Happy Friday!

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