Friday, October 10, 2014

Colette: 10 Weeks

10 Weeks
-Lots of time visiting with friends and family
in Georgia.
-Flew back from Georgia.

We had a great remainder of our trip in Georgia and have returned home to a little bit of chaos. The morning after we got home we woke up to colds (bad ones). I was in a miserable state eating lucky charms on the couch when I realized that I heard Amelia and Goose playing in the bathroom. I had thought they were in her room reading books, as they had been earlier. I walked into the bathroom to find Amelia had opened a bottle of Ibuprofen and was feeding it to Goose!!!! Who knew she could open a child proof bottle?!? There were about 6 pills on the ground and the bottle was half full. I had no idea how many were eaten. I called the vet first and they said I needed to get some peroxide and make him throw up. Okay...awesome. I didn't have any peroxide so I woke up Colette and threw her in her carseat and put them in the car. Amelia didn't have pants or shoes on but at this point we were in a hurry. I was also in my pajamas so we were a vision I'm sure. Once we got home Colette was obviously screaming because she needed to eat but I was dumping peroxide down Goose's throat. Oh, I forgot to mention the hysterical call to Brian in the middle of this to find out how much was in the bottle (apparently it was half full to begin with). 

After about 20 minutes things settled down a little bit and Goose finally threw up. He, of course, threw up on the rug instead of the hardwood floors. So after a disgusting treasure hunt, I discovered what looked like 1 pill so we were in the clear. This was the moment I realized, "what if Amelia ate some?". I hadn't even considered this. I brought the pills out and asked her if she ate one. She proceeded to repeat every thing I not much help there. I decided it would be best to call poison control to be safe. After talking to them for a bit he let me know that it would take 17 pills to do her harm and there was no way she had 17. She didn't have the time to put that many in without me noticing and there wasn't even that many pills in the bottle. I felt much better. 

Fast forward to dinnertime. We were given instructions to give Goose a bland diet, but it didn't matter. Goose threw up everything he ate and continued to throw up all night. Amelia and I were so tired from being sick that we slept in until 11 (I woke up for a baby feeding break at 7am and she went back to sleep until 11 as well). I fed Goose some breakfast and more throw up on the rug. I was so tired at this point. I called the vet and they asked us to come in for blood work. After a long couple of days the vet determined that Goose just had an upset stomach and was dehydrated but the pill didn't do any damage. Thank goodness! 

Moral of the story: Kids don't care when you are sick. In fact they will use that chance to show you they can open child proof bottles and how good they are at sharing all at the same time. Also diet coke and ice cream do wonders for stress. 

After this dramatic story I will leave you with a couple of pictures of our sweet baby Coco. She is a doll and check out those dimples. 

Happy Friday!

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