Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Applecrest Farm

After being stuck in the house for most of last week with colds I have been itching to get out. Today I went down to Applecrest Farm in Exeter New Hampshire to take the girls apple picking. Once we got there I realized that we aren't going to use a big bag of apples and I didn't want to spend $20 for "the experience". We walked the pumpkin patch, the apple orchard, and the corn field. We ended up at the market where Amelia picked out a small pumpkin and a local apple. Cross it off the list because I think it still counts.

On our way back to the car Amelia kept asking to eat the apple. I told her she had to sit down to eat it and she plopped right down on the side of the road and dug in. She picked the prettiest spot to enjoy her find. I can not get over the colors of New England autumn. 
Happy Harvesting :)

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