Thursday, October 30, 2014

Colette: 3 Months

.::3 MONTHS::.

13 Weeks
-First costume party/trick or treating.
-Growth spurt...waking up twice a night. Boo. 
-Decorated Halloween cookies
-Watched Hocus Pocus
-She loves when I sing "Sunshine"

It has been a fun week leading up to Halloween. We have been hitting a few parties, decorating cookies, watching Halloween themed everything, and dressing up in costumes to go to Target. Looking forward to the whole gang dressing up tomorrow (Goose included). Amelia is a trick or treating pro and I am a candy eating pro so we make the perfect team. 

Colette is obviously loving all the Halloween festivities.  By loving, I mean she is a baby and doesn't care at all. She is still a sweet girl with an easy going personality. Someone called her my accessory because she rarely makes a noise and just hangs out most of the time. Her red hair gets more and more evident as the weeks pass. Three months is when babies start to get really fun for me. I love the smiles and laughing. I also love the sweet noises she makes when she is "talking" to me. 

Here are her 3 month pajama pictures! Happy Halloween Eve!

ps. Yay for the Giants!!! What a fantastic series. Champs again!!! Makes me miss home a little bit more. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dress Up & Cookies

Last night I spent a couple of hours making sugar cookies into pumpkin shapes for a Halloween party today. In the rush of trying to get two costume clad girls out the door, I left the cookies and toppings at home...bummer. Since I had all the supplies I decided to surprise Amelia with cookie decorating when she woke from her nap. 

Also during her nap we got a box of hand me down clothes all the way from California. The box is from the dress up queen and it had Amelia's first princess dress inside. When Amelia woke up from her nap and saw the princess dress she was thrilled. She immediately started taking her shirt off to put it on. 
Colette joined in on the fun. 

I have a feeling Amelia might just be a princess girl. Happy Halloween week!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Colette: 12 Weeks

Almost a smile for the picture.

12 Weeks
-Sleeping 7-5 (almost there!)
- Play date everyday this week.
-First Halloween party.

Happy Weekend before Halloween! I can't wait to see everyone's costumes! If you follow me on Instagram (tyoast) you have seen that we are dressing up as Star Wars characters this year. I will post plenty of pictures once we all dress up together. I hope everyone has a happy and festive week. Eat extra candy corn for me (I am 5 bags joke). 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Capturing Fall

I know I have talked a lot about New England in the fall.....and I am going to keep on talking about it until it's over.  Everywhere I look is like a postcard and I can't help but take pictures. I am not sure what I am going to do with 400 pictures of leaves.  

Today I took the girls on a drive in search of a place to snap some photos. Finding a location wasn't the problem, the problem was getting a good picture of them by myself. Here are the pictures of us trying to capture a little bit of fall. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Colette: 11 Weeks

She is so smiley but I can't get her to smile for the weekly pictures. 

11 Weeks
-11 lbs & 23"
-Dr. appointment (4 shots included)
-Applecrest Farm
-Front street playroom
-Sleeping 9-6 every night

We had our first appointment at our new pediatricians office this week. We did Colette's two month and Amelia's two year (finally). I love our new pediatrician! I wasn't unhappy at our last pediatrician but sometimes I felt like they pressured or that they weren't respecting my opinion. When I said I didn't want to do the flu shot they would really put a lot of pressure on. Amelia has a benign heart murmur and we have known this her whole life. When we started going to that pediatrician he felt like it could be a problem and scared us into going to a cardiologist. When we got to the cardiologist and did a number of tests he said, "why did you come in this is obviously benign". After that ($800 later) we decided that we would look for a new pediatrician. 

At the end of our appointment this week the nurse practitioner said, "do you want to do the flu shot?" I said no and she didn't say anything else. I was thrilled! That has never happened before. The nurse respected my opinion and didn't pressure further. I understand the importance of vaccines but I also want my opinion as an adult and parent to be considered. To top off the great appointment we got two free books!


Happy Friday!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Applecrest Farm

After being stuck in the house for most of last week with colds I have been itching to get out. Today I went down to Applecrest Farm in Exeter New Hampshire to take the girls apple picking. Once we got there I realized that we aren't going to use a big bag of apples and I didn't want to spend $20 for "the experience". We walked the pumpkin patch, the apple orchard, and the corn field. We ended up at the market where Amelia picked out a small pumpkin and a local apple. Cross it off the list because I think it still counts.

On our way back to the car Amelia kept asking to eat the apple. I told her she had to sit down to eat it and she plopped right down on the side of the road and dug in. She picked the prettiest spot to enjoy her find. I can not get over the colors of New England autumn. 
Happy Harvesting :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Recap

Amelia and I have been really sick the last few days so I was determined to get out for a little on Saturday. It is peak season for leaf peeping. I wanted to get out and enjoy the changing colors a little before the season is gone and winter has us in her cold wicked grasp. 
Main street in Kennebunk

We hopped in the car Saturday morning not really sure where we were headed. We ended up in Kennebunk while they were having a Harvest Festival. We lucked out because there was a costume parade right as we got there. We didn't stay long but we enjoyed the small town costume parade and a cider donut. If you haven't had a cider donut yet, make it happen. 

We also spent some time up in South Portland for leaf peeping, shopping, and lunch. On our way home we were pulling into Wells right at sunset. When we luck out with that timing we will usually stop by Drakes Island to watch the sun go down. This spot has the best view of the beach, the harbor, the wetlands, and the trees. If we had binoculars we would be able to see our house in the middle of the trees. I had my camera so we decided to try and get a couple pictures on this beautiful fall night. 

This is probably the best picture we got of the four of us. After a few minutes of trying to get pictures it started to get weird. 

It was such a fun day! Unfortunately we woke up early early Sunday morning and Amelia and I were still sick and Colette was now sick. Inevitable but still a bummer! While we were eating breakfast Amelia sneezed and hit her face on the table biting her lip open and blood was everywhere. It was decided right there that it would be a day full of sleeping, movie watching, and comfort food. Feeling much better today :)

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall & Georgia Pictures

I made an overly ambitious fall bucket list this year. We have barely checked anything off the list but we are having a great time. We have started our fall of with a lot of trips to the beach and a little vacation to Georgia. I tend to take a lot of pictures on my phone and then they just sit there so I figured I would do a little post where I can share those. Enjoy!

 Our beach..Wells! I used the pano function on my phone to capture the whole beach.
Love our little slice of the earth. 

We went to a surf demo day at long sands beach for the last warm day of the season. Amelia is such a beach baby. 


 Visiting with grandparents and great grandparents all week.

Lunch with friends. 
 She followed these boys EVERYWHERE!
 Our first DIY activity together. 

 The reason for the trip was my cousin's wedding. We had a great time and the wedding was beautiful!

 I couldn't keep Amelia away from the dance floor. She danced with this little boy for a full song. We also partook in some photo booth fun.
Short trip up to Dahlonega.
 The sisters. 

 Park play date with friends. 

 Fickle Pickle in downtown Roswell for lunch.

 And Colette slept through most of it. 
Happy Weekend!