Thursday, September 11, 2014

Colette: 6 Weeks & Life With 2

6 Weeks
-First trip to story time at the library.
-Slept one 8 hour stretch this week. Woohoo!
-Brian finished redoing our roof, no more napping through the
pounding of nails.
-I started Insanity this week! More on that later. 
-Growing out of newborn clothes.
-First week back at church.

Now that we are 6 weeks in I thought it would be a good time to share my feelings on having 2. For the last six weeks it has been survival. I have been just trying to get through one day at a time. Most days looked a little scary. Most days were full of leggings all day, diapers, nursing, diapers, pumping, crying, diapers, napping, and crashing into bed at night. Truthfully I feel like I am just now getting into a rhythm and feeling normal again, well at least a new normal. When I was pregnant I kept thinking that there is no way I can do it. How was I going to give them both what they need and cook, clean, exercise, walk the dog, run errands, and DIY house stuff? Well I have some news...I am getting it done! Not everyday but most days the adjustment hasn't been too great. 

We are really starting to have a good time. We are hitting grocery stores, play-dates, and Dr appointments without much hassle. I think because I have 2 to care for that I have been better about planning ahead, waking up early, and time management. I am getting more done now because I have to be more organized. Does that sound crazy? I did luck out with some good sleepers :)

The best part of having 2 is watching them interact. Amelia is concerned about Colette and wants to be involved in everything. She has taken on the role of a second mom and I feel very proud of how well she handles it. Sometimes I do have to play defense against her so she doesn't "Lenny" poor Colette, but she is overall very sweet. I feel incredibly fortunate that I get to be their mom and they are lucky to have each other. 

Last week my mom complained that I didn't include any pictures so I took some of the girls to contribute to this post. Here you go mom, enjoy!

Most mornings it is just me and Amelia enjoying breakfast for an hour or two. I love this time of the day. I get a lot of Colette time and Brian gets a lot of Amelia time so I really treasure the times when it can just be the two of us. 

Happy Thursday!

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