Thursday, September 4, 2014

Colette: 5 Weeks & Sleep Training

5 Weeks
-Started sleep training this week
-Never stops moving, unless she is sleeping 
-Celebrated my (Tara's) birthday!
-Surviving our first week alone
-Likes the bouncy seat (finally something)
-Slept first 7 hours stretch (for my birthday)
-First solo grocery trip :)

I had the best birthday this week. Brian took us all out to breakfast at The Egg and I, we went shopping for my birthday gift, the girls slept for 3 hours at the same time!, I painted my nails, and we had sushi (my fave) for dinner. It was so relaxing and I got to do some of my favorite things with my favorite people. I felt really lucky. Colette even slept her first 7 hour stretch the night before as a special birthday surprise to me. 

Speaking of sleeping we started to sleep train Colette this week. With Amelia I followed baby wise and it was magical. She was sleeping 12 hours at night and taking 3 solid naps by 12 weeks. Amelia was always a super sleeper (still is) and Colette is also a very good sleeper. Baby wise follows the "eat, awake, sleep" pattern. Colette is the perfect baby for it. She never falls asleep eating and can fall asleep on her own (without being held). She is doing really well until we hit about 5pm and she doesn't want to take another decent nap. That is usually the time when she does 30 minute naps, wants to eat constantly, and is crabby. Even with the 5pm crabby time she usually goes to sleep for the night at 9:30pm-3:30am and then back to bed until I wake her up at 8am. I also find that she sleeps better when she gets a bath right before bed. I would recommend baby wise to anyone that is having sleep troubles with their babies, or even if you aren't. Baby wise if perfect for getting a baby on a good solid schedule. 

I can't wait to get a full night of sleep. All the days hanging out at the house, watching the clock will be worth it in a few weeks when I have 2 kids sleeping through the night. Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues to go smooth. 

Happy September!!!

ps. We plan on going really hard this fall. I am gonna come back with our fall activity wish list soon! 

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