Monday, August 4, 2014


7lbs 3oz
18" long

We were so fortunate to welcome a healthy baby girl to our family on Thursday! We are team pink over here in the Yoast house and feeling blessed.  I will write up a birth story when I have a little more time but for now I will share some pictures from our first few moments and days with Colette.

A couple minutes old. 

So tiny!

Such a good dad to his girls. 

Colette was crying so Amelia sat on the couch and held her arms out. She is taking her big sister role naturally and very seriously. 

Amelia calls her "Baby Coco"

We still need to get a family (of 4!) picture.

Was feeling so much better after 24 hours and a nice long shower. 

Ready to go home. Wearing the same "going home outfit" Amelia wore. I am anxious to do some side by side pics because they look very similar to me. 

Finally home. Still sleeping.

So excited to get to know this little girl! 

Happy August!


  1. She's so beautiful! Tiny and beautiful! I'd love to see a side by side photo. Hope you are well!

  2. Congrats! She is adorable; life will never be the same ;)