Saturday, August 30, 2014

Colette: 4 Weeks (1 Month)

4 Weeks
-Smiles while she sleeps
-First 6 hour sleep stretch at night
-Baby acne
-Celebrated Amelia's birthday
-Hung out with Grandpa & Grandma Yoast
-Loud eater and sleeper
-Loves the pacifier

Here we are again. We just ended taking Amelia's monthly pajama pictures and I am starting up again with Colette. I haven't decided if I am gonna do all the same pajamas but for this month I wanted to put them in the same for a fun comparison.  The first 5 pics are Coco and the other 3 are Amelia. They definitely look like sisters but as Colette's face fills out I see more and more differences. 

It has been a lot of fun having two. I am tired but we are having a great time. I even spent my first two days alone with both girls and feel good about it. Right now we on a "someone is always napping" schedule, so I rarely leave the house. Amelia loves having the baby around and loves even more when she gets to hold her. I'll leave you with this sweet picture. Happy Weekend!

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