Thursday, August 7, 2014

Colette: 1 Week

Colette's baby quilt made by my mom. 

1 Week
-Blue eyes & strawberry blond hair (for now).
-First Dr. appointment: Everything looks great!
-Sleeping and eating great!
-Taking a bottle, pacifier, and nursing.
- Like to be swaddled.
-Very sweet and calm personality. 

Our first week with Colette has been great. It hasn't been squishy baby love every moment but it really has been fun! We are finally getting into a little groove with the feedings and we are also getting decent sleep at night (thanks to my mom). Amelia loves having "her baby" around and it has been a very natural adjustment. I knew she would adjust well but she acts like Colette has been here a while. She gives her kisses and loves helping me change diapers. Before Colette was born people would say, "once the new baby comes along Amelia is going to look huge". I didn't really understand until I saw it myself. As soon as Amelia came to visit at the hospital I was looking at a new little girl. The way I saw her instantly changed and she was no longer my baby. She looked gigantic but she also seemed so much more grown up and responsible. While I feel a little sad that she is growing up right in front of me I love watching her in the new big sister role. 

Turns out Brian and I make very sweet little babies. Colette is just as sweet and easy going as Amelia was. We are only 7 days in so things can definitely change, but they have very similar dispositions. Colette nursed right away, she will take a pacifier, and drink from a bottle no problem. She is very content and has already given me a couple of 4 hour night time stretches. She does cluster feed which is new to me but I am trying to get her out of that as soon as possible. 

I forgot what is was like to be this exhausted. Sometimes I just stare at my bed and want so bad to just lay down and take a nap. If Colette sleeps as well as Amelia that will be in about 2 months. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Luckily my recovery has gone really well and after a week I am feeling almost back to my normal self. By normal I mean a tired and out of shape version of myself. Speaking of out of shape I can't wait to start insanity. My plan is to start mid-September, who is doing it with me?? I have lost half the baby weight but I am sure the rest will take some effort besides nursing. I will try and document that when the time comes. Wish me luck!

I'll leave you with a little Amelia/Colette comparison. Amelia has darker hair but I think they look so much alike! 

Happy Thursday! 

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