Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Amelia's Birthday Celebration!

We have had a busy 2 years and I feel like this last year especially flew by. I can't believe how much has changed and how much Amelia has grown up in the last year. 

Crowns by Little Blue Olive on Etsy

For her birthday we had a couple of celebrations. The celebrating started while my mom was in town (helping me). Amelia had such a fun time with my mom while she was here and my mom hooked her up with gifts. Lucky girl! She also got the fantastic baby stroller from her Aunt Linzi and she is obsessed. She asks me to put Colette in it regularly. 
I love this rocking pig my mom got. How cute is that!?!

Now I may have some talents, but cake decorating is NOT one of them. I was going for a teal ombre look, but it just looks messy teal. I just wanted the cake to match the crown and taste good so it was a success. 
This girl has the best facial expressions. She could not believe the cake was for her. Well that or a bird flew by the window. Basically everything excites this girl. 

Now for birthday celebration #2. On her actual birthday I had some small things planned to make her day a little special. She has been on a 6:15 wake up schedule since moving into her new she was up early for her big day. 
We blew up some balloons and put them on the couch for a fun little morning surprise. She ran full speed into the couch she was so thrilled. Toddlers are easy to please sometimes. 
I like this picture of her in her pajamas with the balloons. Something about it makes me feel like she knows she is loved. She is probably just diggin' the balloons but I hope she knows how much we love her. 

After some morning balloons and presents Brian's parents came and picked us up. We were planning on doing a little sightseeing around the area. Our first stop was the Nubble Lighthouse in York. 

Family picture. Even Colette's little feet made an appearance. 

Next stop, the beach. I think this is Ogunquit.

We then went on a little 1 mile hike in the Wells reserve and ended our hike at the end of Wells Beach. Amelia has always been a little beach baby.

After all the activity we hit up Billy's in Wells for some lunch. When in Maine you have to get a lobstah, no way around it. 

Billy's was delicious and Amelia, although exhausted, had a great time. They brought out a little ice cream sunday and the restaurant sang happy birthday to her. 

She proved that she was officially a big girl and blew out the candle herself. She also clapped for herself. Really cute!

We had a great time celebrating Amelia! It has been an exciting two years and full of more joy than I thought possible. Love you Millie!!

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