Sunday, August 24, 2014

Amelia: 24 Months

24 Months
-Major chatterbox, repeating everything we say.
-Loves her new room.
-Enjoys singing along to music and reading along with us.
-More obsessed than ever with her bear.
-Plays dress up and plays putting on makeup. Very girly.
-Still a daddy's girl. Since day one.
-Very enthusiastic about everything. 

Amelia is turning two this week! This age is so much fun and her energy levels go up everyday. She is incredibly sweet and full of energy We feel lucky everyday that she is a part of our little family. 

I have a few posts coming for Amelia's 2nd birthday, so stay tuned. The 24 month pictures turned out so cute that I had to include all of them. This is going to be the last of the monthly pictures and we will just start doing birthday and 1/2 birthday pictures from here on out. 

It feels like she grew up overnight. 

Happy Sunday!

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