Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our 4th of July

We celebrated our first New England this past weekend. Our weekend ended up indoors quite a bit because of a hurricane making it's way up the east coast. Last year in Georgia we were rained out as well and ended up with no fireworks. For us, this isn't really a big deal because Amelia is in bed before fireworks time anyway. 

We ended up spending the morning at the beach. Since the rain was coming, people didn't go to the beach. We lucked out that the rain held off and we had the perfect morning. Brian had the chance to surf and Amelia and I played in the water (yes it's still kinda cold) and we had such a good time. After the beach the rain came so we spend the day hanging out at the house. Brian and I actually watched movies while Amelia napped and we still grilled up our steaks indoors. At the end of the night Brian did a little interpretive dance with sparklers to end our fourth on a good note. 

I also took some Independence day pictures of Amelia to mark the occasion. First let's look back at last year. This year has really flown by!!

This year I made holiday breakfast skewers. This is a normal breakfast for Amelia but add some skewers and she was in  heaven.

Taking pictures of  a toddler has proved to be much harder than an infant. We ended up with some cute ones, especially once she had her very first festive popsicle. 

Photo bombing Golden. Notice how Amelia's hands are
on her belly (like my weekly pics).
Like an awkward posed school photo. 

I hope everyone had a safe and festive holiday. Should we start the countdown for the next holiday? Well our next holiday is Baby Y's due date which is......23 days away!!!! Yikes!!!! This pregnancy has flown by! Happy Baby Month!

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