Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Summer Photos

After backing up my phone I have another photo post coming your way. We have had a good summer so far despite being pretty pregnant for the whole thing. 

Amelia has had her first couple of big slide experiences. I thought she would be more scared but she loved it and hates when I try and help her. 

We also had our fair share of beach time. She isn't a big fan of the waves but on a calm day she will venture out into the water. If Brian is surfing she is ready to swim out there and join him though. 

On 4th of July weekend we took Amelia to see her first movie. I was a little worried but she did excellent. We don't have TV so she isn't really used to movies so she was pretty mesmerized. Sat through the whole movie (on Brian's lap) and even got really into the exciting parts. So much fun. 

Lately she loves emptying my drawers ALL over the floor and laying in the piles. Super fun for me to pick those up off the floor all the time. If that face wasn't so cute...

 When Brian is home that is where you will find Amelia. 

 I finally got her little wispy hair into some pigtails. They didn't last all day but she went from a baby to a little girl instantly. 

Before Brian leaves for work he will sometimes set up little toys on the railing. When Amelia wakes up she loves discovering these little surprises and will play like this all morning.

Last weekend we celebrated Pioneer day with our church. I had this little outfit in the back of Amelia's closet and it goes perfectly with Pioneer day. The funny thing is, it was mine from when I was the same age. The 80's were such a good time for clothes. 

Happy Tuesday! Two days until the due date!!

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