Friday, July 11, 2014

Belly Update: 37 Weeks

.::Full Term::.

37 Weeks
Symptoms: Actually feeling really good this week! I have been having some leg cramps but other than that I actually have energy. Well I start the day with energy and usually end it with not moving off the couch after 8:30.
Cravings: Nothing much. Looking forward to not counting carbs.  
Missing: Sleeping. I have had a run of about 2 weeks with poor sleep. The baby is getting me ready for what is to come I guess. 
Movement: Yep! Now that the baby is head down and in position the movement is slower with little adjustments. 
Highlight(s) of the week: Got a lot done this week. We have been finishing some house projects (click here to check those out). I packed my hospital bag! I also got my 100% covered breast pump in the mail this week (thanks ACA). Since I had issues last time I really hope it helps. 

Happy Friday!! Yay for weekends!

ps. I am using almost the same list that I did last time for my hospital bag. Once I snap some photos I will do a more detailed post on what I actually bring. If you want to see what I packed last time check it out here. 

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