Monday, July 28, 2014

Amelia: 23 Months

We belly laughed together taking these pictures.

23 Months
-Starting to form sentences and talking non-stop.
-Finally taking only 1 nap a day.
-Learned how to open baby gates.
-Has enough hair to make pig tails...barely.
-Loves the playground.
-Has started taking her clothes out to dress up Beary.
-Started doing chores (throwing trash away & dishes in sink).
-Can count to 3 and identify a couple colors. 

Amelia is going to be 2!!! next month. Very exciting! I feel like I was just posting that she was turning 1 and here we are. We have had a busy year and the time has flown by. Hard to believe when we celebrate her 2nd birthday we will have another baby here. She is going to love having a baby around. I haven't really been worried about her adjusting to the new baby because I think she is gonna love it. She has such a flexible personality and has adapted to every change we have thrown at her, this is going to be the same. 

I loved this next picture because you can get an idea of her eye color. They have always been a blue/slate color and have recently started to change into a hazel/green. 

Lately for pajamas she wears whatever I find in her drawer. Sometimes that is a mix of regular clothes. When she wears regular clothes instead of footie pajamas she looks so grown up. When I took her pajama picture this month I almost couldn't believe it was the same girl. She looks 5! Well maybe not 5 since she has such short hair but she looks very grown up. Love this little peach. 

We have been so busy with house projects the last couple of weeks. This weekend we started on Amelia's room. We will actually be moving her into a room with a larger closet and moving the baby into her "nursery". Here is a little preview of the color going on the walls. 

Hoping to finish her room and reveal it for her birthday. This also means transitioning her to a twin bed, I hope I am up for the challenge. Luckily my mom comes into town tomorrow (our first visitor!) so I have hope of actually getting some of these projects done. 

Happy Monday and Happy (fingers crossed) Baby Week!

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