Thursday, July 17, 2014

38 Weeks & Hospital Bag

38 Weeks
Symptoms: Feeling good! Nesting is in full effect right now. Even though I am super tired I can't seem to get my mind to rest until I check off everything on the to do list. 
Cravings: Water, water, water. With all the activity and humidity I get dehydrated almost instantly. 
Missing: Still missing my sleep. I have been waking up at 4 every morning. Luckily this gives me time to get stuff done during the early morning hours. 
Movement: Yes! I had a NST (non-stress test) today and the baby is looking really good. 
Highlight(s) of the week: Crossing more and more off the to do list. I painted the stairs this week (you can see that here). I also went through all the newborn clothes, woohoo! We even have a top boy name and a top girl name. We aren't sharing yet though because we are, need to see the baby, kinda people. Amelia wasn't even on the list when we went to the hospital but once we saw her it changed. Only 2 more weeks (hopefully)!!

Hospital Bag Details
As can be seen from this post , I way over packed my first time to the hospital. I barely even touched the hospital bag and didn't use 75% of what I brought. I like to be prepared but it was way too much. This time around I am toning it down. I am still over packing, I'm sure, but I have eliminated quite a few things. 

Preview of our new curtains. Love them. 

I can fit everything in these three bags. The suitcase has clothing for all 4 of us and the backpack houses all toiletries, comfort items, and any paperwork. The camera bag houses the camera (obvi) and all the chargers and other electronics.

This drives Brian crazy but I pack and label everything in separate baggies. It is so easy for me to say, "I need a receiving blanket" and then Brian can just grab the designated baggie. 

Here is a more detailed list of specifics:
For the baby:
2 light receiving blankets
1 hoodie towel
Newborn outfits (these are overkill, and not necessary)
-2 boy outfits
-2 girl outfits (with headbands)
-2 unisex outfits
1 0-3 month outfit
1 pairs of socks
1 pairs of mittens
1 hat
1 bottle (slow nipple)
2 pacifiers
2 newborn diapers
1 going home outfit (same as Amelia's)

For Amelia 
1 Outfit
1 Pair of pajamas
2 Diapers
1 Comfort item
Pack n Play? (in case I go early and she has to stay at the hospital)

For me: I like having options.
2 nursing tank tops
2 nursing bras (not under wire)
Nursing cover
2 pairs of maternity leggings
1 nightgown
1 robe 
2 loose baggy shirts (go with leggings)
1 t-shirt
3 pairs cotton underwear
bathroom supplies
hair supplies

TMI Stuff:
maxi pads and nursing pads
Colace (gross but really important)

For Brian
1 Pair of pajamas
1 Pair of socks

carseat and carseat cover (in the car)
snacks (trail mix and candy)
chargers (camera, phone, computer)
breast pump? (not sure about this one. I have it packed in a separate bag that Brian can go pick up if necessary)

A couple of things that I eliminated are the boppy pillow and all baby products. The hospital has EVERYTHING baby that you might need. I  didn't use the boppy at all last time and it was just in the way. Some people swear by it but I usually end up just asking for extra pillows. Truth is you can get away with bringing nothing and you'll be fine. Basically just get the baby into the world and you have done your job. If you do have time to pack it is nice to have your own things to make it as comfortable as possible.

Happy Thursday!!

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