Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Summer Photos

After backing up my phone I have another photo post coming your way. We have had a good summer so far despite being pretty pregnant for the whole thing. 

Amelia has had her first couple of big slide experiences. I thought she would be more scared but she loved it and hates when I try and help her. 

We also had our fair share of beach time. She isn't a big fan of the waves but on a calm day she will venture out into the water. If Brian is surfing she is ready to swim out there and join him though. 

On 4th of July weekend we took Amelia to see her first movie. I was a little worried but she did excellent. We don't have TV so she isn't really used to movies so she was pretty mesmerized. Sat through the whole movie (on Brian's lap) and even got really into the exciting parts. So much fun. 

Lately she loves emptying my drawers ALL over the floor and laying in the piles. Super fun for me to pick those up off the floor all the time. If that face wasn't so cute...

 When Brian is home that is where you will find Amelia. 

 I finally got her little wispy hair into some pigtails. They didn't last all day but she went from a baby to a little girl instantly. 

Before Brian leaves for work he will sometimes set up little toys on the railing. When Amelia wakes up she loves discovering these little surprises and will play like this all morning.

Last weekend we celebrated Pioneer day with our church. I had this little outfit in the back of Amelia's closet and it goes perfectly with Pioneer day. The funny thing is, it was mine from when I was the same age. The 80's were such a good time for clothes. 

Happy Tuesday! Two days until the due date!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Amelia: 23 Months

We belly laughed together taking these pictures.

23 Months
-Starting to form sentences and talking non-stop.
-Finally taking only 1 nap a day.
-Learned how to open baby gates.
-Has enough hair to make pig tails...barely.
-Loves the playground.
-Has started taking her clothes out to dress up Beary.
-Started doing chores (throwing trash away & dishes in sink).
-Can count to 3 and identify a couple colors. 

Amelia is going to be 2!!! next month. Very exciting! I feel like I was just posting that she was turning 1 and here we are. We have had a busy year and the time has flown by. Hard to believe when we celebrate her 2nd birthday we will have another baby here. She is going to love having a baby around. I haven't really been worried about her adjusting to the new baby because I think she is gonna love it. She has such a flexible personality and has adapted to every change we have thrown at her, this is going to be the same. 

I loved this next picture because you can get an idea of her eye color. They have always been a blue/slate color and have recently started to change into a hazel/green. 

Lately for pajamas she wears whatever I find in her drawer. Sometimes that is a mix of regular clothes. When she wears regular clothes instead of footie pajamas she looks so grown up. When I took her pajama picture this month I almost couldn't believe it was the same girl. She looks 5! Well maybe not 5 since she has such short hair but she looks very grown up. Love this little peach. 

We have been so busy with house projects the last couple of weeks. This weekend we started on Amelia's room. We will actually be moving her into a room with a larger closet and moving the baby into her "nursery". Here is a little preview of the color going on the walls. 

Hoping to finish her room and reveal it for her birthday. This also means transitioning her to a twin bed, I hope I am up for the challenge. Luckily my mom comes into town tomorrow (our first visitor!) so I have hope of actually getting some of these projects done. 

Happy Monday and Happy (fingers crossed) Baby Week!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Belly Update: 39 Weeks

39 Weeks
Symptoms: Swollen feet. We have had a little bit of heat and humidity and I am feeling it. I am lucky that the swelling is pretty minimal but you can usually find me laying down with ice on my feet. 
Cravings: Still water. 
Missing: Everything. I miss being able to bend over. I miss having energy. I miss my normal clothes. I miss sleep. I miss sushi and caffeine.  Heat makes me a little crabby. 
Movement: Yes! Getting cramped in there. 

Highlight(s) of the week: Spending quality time with Amelia. She likes to play alone or with Goose a lot during the day but I have been making a special effort to just hang out while she reads and other activities. It hit me that our time with just the two of us is coming to an end. I am not sad about it because I know we will still spend plenty of time together but I am just soaking in everything lately. My house may be messy but Amelia and I have had the best time laughing, singing, and dancing together all week. 

I had my 39 week checkup yesterday and everything is looking great. Despite the "diabetes" everything is on track and my blood sugars have been completely normal for the last 3 weeks. As of yesterday I have gained 30lbs. This is less than last time but I started 5lbs up so it looks like my final weight will be close to the same. I can't wait to get back to working out! Last time I didn't start working out until close to 6 weeks postpartum. I imagine it will be the same(ish) this time. I already have my insanity buddy ready to start together in about 2 months. 

So now that we are one week away, I am going to make my predictions. Brian thinks that this baby is a boy and I think it's a girl. Last time we both thought it was a girl. I think we are gonna be on time so my guess is the baby is coming July 31st and will be a little bigger than Amelia. I am going to guess 7lbs12oz. Any guesses?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

38 Weeks & Hospital Bag

38 Weeks
Symptoms: Feeling good! Nesting is in full effect right now. Even though I am super tired I can't seem to get my mind to rest until I check off everything on the to do list. 
Cravings: Water, water, water. With all the activity and humidity I get dehydrated almost instantly. 
Missing: Still missing my sleep. I have been waking up at 4 every morning. Luckily this gives me time to get stuff done during the early morning hours. 
Movement: Yes! I had a NST (non-stress test) today and the baby is looking really good. 
Highlight(s) of the week: Crossing more and more off the to do list. I painted the stairs this week (you can see that here). I also went through all the newborn clothes, woohoo! We even have a top boy name and a top girl name. We aren't sharing yet though because we are, need to see the baby, kinda people. Amelia wasn't even on the list when we went to the hospital but once we saw her it changed. Only 2 more weeks (hopefully)!!

Hospital Bag Details
As can be seen from this post , I way over packed my first time to the hospital. I barely even touched the hospital bag and didn't use 75% of what I brought. I like to be prepared but it was way too much. This time around I am toning it down. I am still over packing, I'm sure, but I have eliminated quite a few things. 

Preview of our new curtains. Love them. 

I can fit everything in these three bags. The suitcase has clothing for all 4 of us and the backpack houses all toiletries, comfort items, and any paperwork. The camera bag houses the camera (obvi) and all the chargers and other electronics.

This drives Brian crazy but I pack and label everything in separate baggies. It is so easy for me to say, "I need a receiving blanket" and then Brian can just grab the designated baggie. 

Here is a more detailed list of specifics:
For the baby:
2 light receiving blankets
1 hoodie towel
Newborn outfits (these are overkill, and not necessary)
-2 boy outfits
-2 girl outfits (with headbands)
-2 unisex outfits
1 0-3 month outfit
1 pairs of socks
1 pairs of mittens
1 hat
1 bottle (slow nipple)
2 pacifiers
2 newborn diapers
1 going home outfit (same as Amelia's)

For Amelia 
1 Outfit
1 Pair of pajamas
2 Diapers
1 Comfort item
Pack n Play? (in case I go early and she has to stay at the hospital)

For me: I like having options.
2 nursing tank tops
2 nursing bras (not under wire)
Nursing cover
2 pairs of maternity leggings
1 nightgown
1 robe 
2 loose baggy shirts (go with leggings)
1 t-shirt
3 pairs cotton underwear
bathroom supplies
hair supplies

TMI Stuff:
maxi pads and nursing pads
Colace (gross but really important)

For Brian
1 Pair of pajamas
1 Pair of socks

carseat and carseat cover (in the car)
snacks (trail mix and candy)
chargers (camera, phone, computer)
breast pump? (not sure about this one. I have it packed in a separate bag that Brian can go pick up if necessary)

A couple of things that I eliminated are the boppy pillow and all baby products. The hospital has EVERYTHING baby that you might need. I  didn't use the boppy at all last time and it was just in the way. Some people swear by it but I usually end up just asking for extra pillows. Truth is you can get away with bringing nothing and you'll be fine. Basically just get the baby into the world and you have done your job. If you do have time to pack it is nice to have your own things to make it as comfortable as possible.

Happy Thursday!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Belly Update: 37 Weeks

.::Full Term::.

37 Weeks
Symptoms: Actually feeling really good this week! I have been having some leg cramps but other than that I actually have energy. Well I start the day with energy and usually end it with not moving off the couch after 8:30.
Cravings: Nothing much. Looking forward to not counting carbs.  
Missing: Sleeping. I have had a run of about 2 weeks with poor sleep. The baby is getting me ready for what is to come I guess. 
Movement: Yep! Now that the baby is head down and in position the movement is slower with little adjustments. 
Highlight(s) of the week: Got a lot done this week. We have been finishing some house projects (click here to check those out). I packed my hospital bag! I also got my 100% covered breast pump in the mail this week (thanks ACA). Since I had issues last time I really hope it helps. 

Happy Friday!! Yay for weekends!

ps. I am using almost the same list that I did last time for my hospital bag. Once I snap some photos I will do a more detailed post on what I actually bring. If you want to see what I packed last time check it out here. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our 4th of July

We celebrated our first New England this past weekend. Our weekend ended up indoors quite a bit because of a hurricane making it's way up the east coast. Last year in Georgia we were rained out as well and ended up with no fireworks. For us, this isn't really a big deal because Amelia is in bed before fireworks time anyway. 

We ended up spending the morning at the beach. Since the rain was coming, people didn't go to the beach. We lucked out that the rain held off and we had the perfect morning. Brian had the chance to surf and Amelia and I played in the water (yes it's still kinda cold) and we had such a good time. After the beach the rain came so we spend the day hanging out at the house. Brian and I actually watched movies while Amelia napped and we still grilled up our steaks indoors. At the end of the night Brian did a little interpretive dance with sparklers to end our fourth on a good note. 

I also took some Independence day pictures of Amelia to mark the occasion. First let's look back at last year. This year has really flown by!!

This year I made holiday breakfast skewers. This is a normal breakfast for Amelia but add some skewers and she was in  heaven.

Taking pictures of  a toddler has proved to be much harder than an infant. We ended up with some cute ones, especially once she had her very first festive popsicle. 

Photo bombing Golden. Notice how Amelia's hands are
on her belly (like my weekly pics).
Like an awkward posed school photo. 

I hope everyone had a safe and festive holiday. Should we start the countdown for the next holiday? Well our next holiday is Baby Y's due date which is......23 days away!!!! Yikes!!!! This pregnancy has flown by! Happy Baby Month!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Belly Update: 36 Weeks


36 Weeks
Symptoms: What symptom am I not having this week? Pregnancy just hit me hard. It must be the humidity and heat but I am feeling every ache and pain. I have also been having heartburn which is new. Maybe that means the baby will have hair this time. 
Cravings: Anything cold. Popsicles and ice cream are high on the list. I also can't get enough ice water. Summer has been here for 5 seconds and I almost miss winter.....almost. 
Missing: Being able to shave my legs without all the heavy breathing and discomfort. I am usually at the beach every other day so it's not an option to go without. Only 4 more weeks!
Movement: Still lots of movement but it is feeling cramped in there. 
Highlight(s) of the week: It's 4th of July eve and the baby is head down!! I was feeling worried last week but at my appointment she checked and we are good to go. The baby is in position and this was definitely news I wanted to hear. 

Happy Independence Day eve!