Thursday, June 5, 2014

Belly Update: 32 Weeks

.::8 Months::.
Does that shirt look familiar??

32 Weeks
Symptoms: Emotional and exhausted. I seem to be taking everything personally these days and napping frequently. 
Cravings: Nothing new. Well really nothing at all.  
Missing: Having energy. Getting out of bed in the morning is feeling strenuous these days. I am just burnt out. 
Movement: Lots of jabs. Amelia was very mellow and would just rotate every so often. This baby gives me a lot of sharp jabs and kicks ALL the time. I am grateful for those kicks though.
Highlight(s) of the week: Back in Maine. Our trip was fantastic but I really missed my snoogle pillow and my Goose. I am sleeping much better now that we are home. 

This week I feel like I am sticking out. People are finally feeling comfortable asking me about my pregnancy and not just wondering if I am pregnant. Up until this last week I just got a lot of "is she?" stares. Now people actually mention it and say congrats. I feel like last time it happened earlier than 32 weeks so I busted out the shirt I wore for each week last time and wanted to give it a little comparison. 

Rewind to nearly 2 years ago...

Well clearly the weight was going to my face last time. I was also much more tan (working outdoors everyday). The funny thing is that last time I was able to wear pre pregnancy jeans the entire time and I ditched those weeks ago this time. I think I weigh about the same too. I have gained about 23 lbs this time (so far) which is I think the same as last time. I also started 3lbs heavier this time. I think I look smaller this time because I started in better shape. Even though I weighed more I was finishing Insanity at 4 weeks pregnant and feeling really fit. It seems to make a little difference. I guess we will see after the baby comes how my body reacts. Last time I had to work to get rid of every. single. pound. (none of this breast-feeding melts the baby weight off). We'll see. 

A big thing going on right is that I got the results from my 3 hour glucose test. I ended up having elevated levels for 1 of 4 blood basically inconclusive. I am using this as an opportunity to brush up my nutrition skills and I am watching my sugar and carb intake for the remainder of my pregnancy. I am not worried since I had these same results when I was pregnant the first time with no issues. I think this is how my body reacts to pregnancy.  I have another appointment tomorrow so we'll see what my midwives say. Here's hoping we're not having an 11 pound sugared up baby. 

Happy Thursday!

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