Monday, June 30, 2014

Amelia: 22 Months

22 Months
-Climbed out of her bed (face first).
-Loves taking Goose on walks and going to the beach.
-Starting to speak in sentences, "Where go Mommy?"
-Very girly. 
-Excited & happy 95% of the time.
-Loves going to the Dr. with Mom to get her belly/baby checked. 
-Loves playing with older kids.
-Loves playing with mom/dad's phones. 
-Starting to make the "trouble" face while she does something
she knows she isn't supposed to. 

This month was actually hard to pick a picture because she took so many cute ones. Normally it is like pulling teeth to get a couple decent ones but she really hammed it up. Luckily she can also be bribed with some raisins (poor kid doesn't realize those aren't really a treat). She also loves if I use the tripod instead of just snapping the pictures so that always makes her smile a little. Below are all the other pictures, such a fun age. 

She looks so tall!

Asking for more raisins.

Love this one. 

I also tried to snap a cute pajama picture this morning. She only would sit still if she could sit with all her animals. These days she doesn't really sleep in pajamas because it it 150* in our house at night. I may be exaggerating but I am 80 months pregnant and it's slightly humid. Here is her monthly pajama picture :)

Moving on to Amelia falling out of her crib onto her face. No joke, she fell right on her face. Luckily we had just added a rug to her room so it sort of cushioned her fall. Lately (I think because of teething) she has been waking up earlier than normal. One morning she was up at 6:15 and I was really grouchy about it so I was letting her just hang out for a couple minutes before I got up. I hoped she would fall back asleep so when it got quiet again I was really happy and drifting back to sleep. Then out of her room came the loudest thud. Immediately I knew she fell out and the screaming came pretty quick after the thud. I have never seen Brian jump out of bed so fast. He was horizontal to sprinting in milliseconds. I think I said, "sh*t" because I can't move very fast and was sucked into the bed by a vortex called a pregnancy pillow. When Brian got to her she was just laying there but she was obviously fine. She had a bruise/rug burn on her forehead for a couple of days and was VERY crabby that morning. All in all we were lucky. We were actually able to lower the crib even more but she hasn't tried to climb out again.  We are definitely on the hunt for a new bed. We are gonna jump right up to a twin bed but I am not looking forward to that transition. I was no where near ready for this. I guess I am in for some serious sleep deprivation. At least I will be able to have more caffeine again after the baby comes..I am gonna need it. 

We are once again in an age that I love love love. This is also the hardest age so far. I think this is going to keep happening as we keep progressing. I love that she talks to me and she understands so much more. I also love how her sweet little voice tries to say new words and I almost cry every time she says, "hi mama".  

Hopefully I am gonna do another post later today with a picture update since I have been so bad about it lately. We'll see! I would much rather sleep these days then do much of anything. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Happy Monday! 

ps. Happy July tomorrow!!!!!!

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