Thursday, May 8, 2014

Belly Update: 28 Weeks

28 Weeks
Symptoms: My body is tired. I have hit the third trimester and I can feel it. I am really sore at the end of every day. I was on a roll for a few weeks and feeling great and now I do a few loads of laundry and I have to sit because my back starts to feel sore. I think this is also from constantly lifting a twenty-five pound wiggly toddler. 
Cravings: I have been wanted dark chocolate lately. Dark chocolate and rootbeer. The problem is dark chocolate gives me heartburn so it's not always worth it. As I type this  I am eating dark chocolate peanut M&M's. Try them, you wont regret it. 
Missing: Nothing new. I am missing wearing my regular jeans. I tried to squeeze into them for this weeks picture and they were barely hanging on. Not pretty. 
Movement: Yep. Especially when I give into my chocolate and rootbeer cravings.
Highlight(s) of the week: The weather!! We have been able to get in some great park days and the farmers markets are starting up. Now if people would start doing estate sales my weekends will be complete. 

Happy Thursday!

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