Thursday, May 1, 2014

Belly Update: 27 Weeks

I have a sick baby at home so you are 
getting a picture of my everyday outfit. Glamorous!

27 Weeks
Symptoms: Still feeling really great! I am starting to feel pretty tired by the end of the day though.  I also have the occasional sciatic pain but as long as I don't sit down too long it is manageable. Sciatic pain is nothing to mess with. 
Cravings: Nothing new. Still wanting water at all times and I never seem to get enough. No joke I drink close to 150 ounces a day. I am trying to take advantage of no cravings and eating super healthy. We'll see how long it lasts. 
Missing: A good night of sleep. I have never been a good sleeper but Brian and Amelia are both sick this week and sleep is not coming easy.  
Movement: The baby is starting to roll a lot. Lots of kick still but I love the rolling around. The baby has moved up right under my ribs so the kicks are not always pleasant anymore. 
Highlight(s) of the week: We have had a really laid back week due to illness moving around the house. The good thing about that is we have had lots of family time which is always fun.  I would say the highlight of my week is lot of progress on the house. I love getting some of the to do list  done. 

Happy May Day!

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