Thursday, May 29, 2014

31 Weeks & California

I missed week 30 because I was out of town. Also there is no way to keep Amelia
out of the pictures unless she is sleeping. Fine by me. 

31 Weeks
Symptoms: Feeling exhausted. As can be seen from my picture I don't have the energy for makeup or a blow dryer. We did just travel 17 hours to get home yesterday so that could be a contributing factor. I am also have wicked sciatic pain. 
Cravings: Mostly fruit and chocolate. I had elevated blood sugar levels and have to do the three hour glucose test tomorrow. Boo! I wonder if my sugar cravings are related. 
Missing: Walking without sciatic pain. I really hope it goes away, it's pretty brutal. 
Movement: Tons. No hiccups yet though. 
Highlight(s) of the week: California! We went to Northern Ca for a wedding and had a great trip. Details below. 

We were lucky enough to take a 10 day trip to California to celebrate my sister's wedding. We had a really great time and I am just gonna bombard you with pictures because that's way more fun. 

The wedding started with the ceremony at the Oakland temple and then ended with a backyard reception at my parents house in Ukiah. 
At the temple.
Waiting for the bride and groom.
Nearly a decade in the making. 
Love Daddy/Daughter moments. 
My parents created the perfect backyard wedding. It looked so fantastic and rustic. I would say it was easy but it was a crazy amount of work. All the hard work paid off. 
I was in charge of an Instagram chalkboard and the card box. I think they turned out pretty cute. I also added that little K with some fabric rosettes. It's the details right. 
My sister Kirstin made the cake. It looks so great for her first ever wedding cake. It tasted even better. 
Amelia got to be a little flower girl. I could not handle how cute it was. As soon as the little girls started walking down the isle I started bawling. They just looked so cute.
Parker the ring bearer.
Look at them! So cute. Amelia didn't actually make it all the way. Once she realized all these people were staring at her she booked it the other way. 
We were there to celebrate the wedding but we also were able to have a couple of side trips and had lots of family/cousin time. Amelia was in heaven. She is normally pretty shy around other kids but she instantly was best friends with her cousins and LOVED her Aunt Linzi. 
I have never seen her so happy. She had a perma grin for 10 days. 

Brian and I snuck off for a little Montgomery Woods hike. One of our favorite spots in Ukiah.
This picture is not edited. It is really that beautiful.

We have also started a family tradition of food competitions. Last time we were all together we did a pie making contest. I think Hoss and I got last and second to last. We were not good. This time we picked the theme and we picked pizza of course. We are experts. We had such a good time and I took home the gold for my BBQ chicken pizza and Brian took home the silver for his traditional french bread pizza. So much fun! 

Another side trip was to San Francisco. We went to meet Brian's brothers for dinner when we had a few hours. I wish we had more time to spend in my favorite city. It was a perfect clear day. 
Our last night we spent celebrating my sister's birthday with dutch oven ribs and playing outside. Such a good end to our trip. 

Now after the 17 hours it took to get home yesterday I am due for a nap. 

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Holy cow, your sister's wedding dress is the prettiest dress I have ever seen!

    I have a soft spot for San Francisco too, that is where we got engaged and we have a big painting of the golden gate bridge in our family room.