Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebrating Easter

.::Happy Easter::.

I am going to let ALL (warning: there are tons) the pictures do the explaining but I will say that our Easter Sunday was a really great day. Its a lot of fun now that Amelia is old enough to play along. 

Let's start with a little look back to my favorite baldy...
I was excited looking through her pajamas to see that she has 
some very similar polka dot pajamas for this year. How cute is that?
In her basket:
 Easter Dress and new swimsuit (from my parents)
Bunny bubbles
Easter pencils
Polka dot notebook
Polka dot sunglasses
Stuffed Bird
Homemade bows
Clearly the homemade bows are her favorite :)
After the basket goodies we did a little living room Easter egg hunt. She was thrilled.
Goose looks annoyed but it was because there was food in the eggs so he had
to be locked up for the duration. 
Post egg hunt grin. Love that bed head.
Easter breakfast. 

After breakfast it was a mad dash to get ready for church. I am normally running about 10 minutes behind so if I have to do anything extra in the morning it is a rush. I think next year we will do Easter celebrating after church. If I can barely make it on time with one kid I am gonna be a disaster with two. 

Look back to her Easter dress last year...
I couldn't believe how grown up she looked when I got her ready. Like a 
little girl with a pixie cut. So sweet!
After church it was bubble time. 
She was able to get a couple good bubbles but hasn't quite figured it out yet. 
I tried to get some last good pictures in her dress but it is near impossible these days. 

It happened to be Greek Easter yesterday as well so we like to celebrate my Greek heritage with food!
In my family I am not known for my Greek food skills so I tried to do something basic and something we love. We made chicken gyros and dolmades. Well turns out Greek food is not basic at all. Took me forever but it turned out alright. Even my dolmades (my first time) were pretty good. On a scale of 1 to my dads I would give mine a solid 6. 
Brian made some deviled eggs for his contribution.

After dinner we went to some friends house for dessert. Luckily we had someone to share our dessert with so I didn't have to eat all those peep cupcakes because you know I would. Over the weekend I probably ate 8 myself...and I am not even joking. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! For me it was one of those perfect family days that was fantastic for the simple reasons. 

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