Thursday, April 17, 2014

Belly Update: 25 Weeks

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25 Weeks
Symptoms: Finally feeling like myself. I have energy and my sciatic pain is getting a little better. I think it has to do with the warmer weather, being outside, and walking more. 
Cravings: Nada. Food doesn't sound appealing in general this week. My body can't decide from week to week.
Missing: Nothing right now. Feeling good and getting vitamin D is making this girl happy.  
Movement: I feel movement all over the belly. Sometimes I will drink some orange juice or cold water just to get some more movement because I dig it. 
Highlight of the week: Spring weather! Everyone must think I am weather obsessed but I have really really missed being outside. I am a nature girl but not a cold weather girl. Winter was tough. 

I put on my most Greek looking shirt to celebrate Greek Easter this weekend. After taking the picture I realized it kind of hides the belly but it is growing I promise. I am actually measuring 1 week ahead. I had my 6 month checkup last week and everything seems to be going smooth. Apparently they want to do another ultrasound because they didn't get a really good look at the heart the first time. I am not worried though, I think they just want to make sure all the boxes are checked. 

I also scheduled the dreaded glucose test for 3 weeks from now. Last pregnancy I had to do the three hour test TWICE! The Dr. kept making me do it because a couple numbers were borderline only to finally decide that everything was just fine. I am keeping my fingers crossed for no three hour test this time.  I should probably watch my Easter candy intake in the meantime just to be safe, so everyone eat extra for me :)

Happy Easter Weekend!

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