Thursday, April 10, 2014

Belly Update: 24 Weeks

.::6 MONTHS::.

24 Weeks
Symptoms: I have been feeling extra tired this week I think it is mostly because of all the painting but I fall asleep at 8:30 or 9 every night. It's not easy keeping up with a toddler, DIY, normal housework, and a dog while growing another human. 
Cravings: Back to sweets. Mostly pastries but really anything sweet will do. 
Missing: Regular clothes. I am not a fan of maternity clothes and I get frustrated nearly every time I have to get dressed. I just can't wait for maxi dresses. I think I will be living in them as soon as it is warm enough. 
Movement: Finally feeling (and seeing) kicks from the outside. I feel them early morning and late at night. The baby stays pretty still while I am active and as soon as I lay down the baby starts dancing. 
Highlight of the week: LDS Conference of course. Always makes for a fantastic and uplifting weekend. We also got some beach time and walking in this weekend. Loving this (semi) warm weather. 

Happy Thursday! Let me leave you with this little gem. He thinks he is so funny...I guess I do too :)