Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Amelia: 20 Months

You can see her first little knee scrap in this picture. Poor baby 
can't keep up with her feet sometimes. 

20 Months
-Favorite activities: Playing with Goose, running on the beach,
coloring, reading, singing hymns, dancing to tech-no, and eating.
-Favorite words/phrases: "Where's Goosey", "Outside", "Upstairs",
"Daddy's home",  "See ya later", "Oh, wow"
-Loves pointing to her belly and saying "baby"
-Mostly Amelia speaks her own language and it is
a lot of toddler gibberish. 

I ended up taking her monthly picture in the crib this week for two reasons. The first reason is that she is sick with a fever and second she loves her bed. Almost every time I get her from a nap or in the morning she wants to stay and play in her bed. She doesn't make a lot of noise when she wakes up so when I check on her she is just sitting in bed relaxing. 

I took Amelia to Trader Joes for the first time a couple weeks ago. At the store they have little grocery carts for kids to use. Amelia was in heaven! I wish we could go more often but Trader Joes is far and so it is very rare that we go. We decided to get her a little grocery cart for home. We rarely buy toys (cause I get major clutter anxiety) but she loved it so much we went for it. We found a great one from Amazon and it is like an adult cart just miniature size. I brought it in her room after her nap and she immediately asked to play with it and started piling in the essentials. 

This is the best picture I could get with her cart because she was very serious about playing. 

This last weekend we did a quick little hike at Lobster Point in Ogunquit and I snapped a couple of pictures because the weather was perfect and I can't help it. 

Who doesn't love a daddy daughter picture?

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