Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Amelia: 20 Months

You can see her first little knee scrap in this picture. Poor baby 
can't keep up with her feet sometimes. 

20 Months
-Favorite activities: Playing with Goose, running on the beach,
coloring, reading, singing hymns, dancing to tech-no, and eating.
-Favorite words/phrases: "Where's Goosey", "Outside", "Upstairs",
"Daddy's home",  "See ya later", "Oh, wow"
-Loves pointing to her belly and saying "baby"
-Mostly Amelia speaks her own language and it is
a lot of toddler gibberish. 

I ended up taking her monthly picture in the crib this week for two reasons. The first reason is that she is sick with a fever and second she loves her bed. Almost every time I get her from a nap or in the morning she wants to stay and play in her bed. She doesn't make a lot of noise when she wakes up so when I check on her she is just sitting in bed relaxing. 

I took Amelia to Trader Joes for the first time a couple weeks ago. At the store they have little grocery carts for kids to use. Amelia was in heaven! I wish we could go more often but Trader Joes is far and so it is very rare that we go. We decided to get her a little grocery cart for home. We rarely buy toys (cause I get major clutter anxiety) but she loved it so much we went for it. We found a great one from Amazon and it is like an adult cart just miniature size. I brought it in her room after her nap and she immediately asked to play with it and started piling in the essentials. 

This is the best picture I could get with her cart because she was very serious about playing. 

This last weekend we did a quick little hike at Lobster Point in Ogunquit and I snapped a couple of pictures because the weather was perfect and I can't help it. 

Who doesn't love a daddy daughter picture?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Belly Update: 26 Weeks

.::100 DAYS TO GO::.

26 Weeks
Symptoms: Nothing much. Feeling great! With the exception of a baby moving around and gaining weight I wouldn't "feel" pregnant at all. Second trimester is the best. 
Cravings: I am not having any food cravings right now. I do feel thirsty ALL the time. 
Missing: Being able to bend over without feeling short of breath. My belly doesn't stick out really far so the baby just hangs out right under my ribs and takes my breath away sometimes.  
Movement: Tons. Dance parties every night. Love it. 
Highlight(s) of the week: Easter Sunday! Had such a good day with the family. I am still full from all the dolmades and cupcakes I ate. We also had another ultrasound this week! Always fun seeing the little creature on the screen. 

The baby actually dropped a peace sign for the ultrasound. Gave us a really good laugh. 

sorry for the iPhone pic.

I am finding myself much more attached to being pregnant this time around. When I was pregnant with Amelia it didn't feel real.  I remember telling Brian I wish it was a puppy. Now obviously I am glad it wasn't a puppy and instead it was our baby girl. This time around though I feel very attached and really wanting to know the baby. I am guessing this is because I am already a mom so I know the joy that comes with having a baby. Who knows...What I do know is that I am feeling excited and I every time Amelia rubs my belly and says "baby" I get a glimpse into how sweet it will be when the baby is here. Can't wait! (Except I can wait because I have 8 million things to do before the baby comes.)

Happy Thursday!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebrating Easter

.::Happy Easter::.

I am going to let ALL (warning: there are tons) the pictures do the explaining but I will say that our Easter Sunday was a really great day. Its a lot of fun now that Amelia is old enough to play along. 

Let's start with a little look back to my favorite baldy...
I was excited looking through her pajamas to see that she has 
some very similar polka dot pajamas for this year. How cute is that?
In her basket:
 Easter Dress and new swimsuit (from my parents)
Bunny bubbles
Easter pencils
Polka dot notebook
Polka dot sunglasses
Stuffed Bird
Homemade bows
Clearly the homemade bows are her favorite :)
After the basket goodies we did a little living room Easter egg hunt. She was thrilled.
Goose looks annoyed but it was because there was food in the eggs so he had
to be locked up for the duration. 
Post egg hunt grin. Love that bed head.
Easter breakfast. 

After breakfast it was a mad dash to get ready for church. I am normally running about 10 minutes behind so if I have to do anything extra in the morning it is a rush. I think next year we will do Easter celebrating after church. If I can barely make it on time with one kid I am gonna be a disaster with two. 

Look back to her Easter dress last year...
I couldn't believe how grown up she looked when I got her ready. Like a 
little girl with a pixie cut. So sweet!
After church it was bubble time. 
She was able to get a couple good bubbles but hasn't quite figured it out yet. 
I tried to get some last good pictures in her dress but it is near impossible these days. 

It happened to be Greek Easter yesterday as well so we like to celebrate my Greek heritage with food!
In my family I am not known for my Greek food skills so I tried to do something basic and something we love. We made chicken gyros and dolmades. Well turns out Greek food is not basic at all. Took me forever but it turned out alright. Even my dolmades (my first time) were pretty good. On a scale of 1 to my dads I would give mine a solid 6. 
Brian made some deviled eggs for his contribution.

After dinner we went to some friends house for dessert. Luckily we had someone to share our dessert with so I didn't have to eat all those peep cupcakes because you know I would. Over the weekend I probably ate 8 myself...and I am not even joking. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! For me it was one of those perfect family days that was fantastic for the simple reasons. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Belly Update: 25 Weeks

.::Kaló Páscha::.
Guest appearance :)

25 Weeks
Symptoms: Finally feeling like myself. I have energy and my sciatic pain is getting a little better. I think it has to do with the warmer weather, being outside, and walking more. 
Cravings: Nada. Food doesn't sound appealing in general this week. My body can't decide from week to week.
Missing: Nothing right now. Feeling good and getting vitamin D is making this girl happy.  
Movement: I feel movement all over the belly. Sometimes I will drink some orange juice or cold water just to get some more movement because I dig it. 
Highlight of the week: Spring weather! Everyone must think I am weather obsessed but I have really really missed being outside. I am a nature girl but not a cold weather girl. Winter was tough. 

I put on my most Greek looking shirt to celebrate Greek Easter this weekend. After taking the picture I realized it kind of hides the belly but it is growing I promise. I am actually measuring 1 week ahead. I had my 6 month checkup last week and everything seems to be going smooth. Apparently they want to do another ultrasound because they didn't get a really good look at the heart the first time. I am not worried though, I think they just want to make sure all the boxes are checked. 

I also scheduled the dreaded glucose test for 3 weeks from now. Last pregnancy I had to do the three hour test TWICE! The Dr. kept making me do it because a couple numbers were borderline only to finally decide that everything was just fine. I am keeping my fingers crossed for no three hour test this time.  I should probably watch my Easter candy intake in the meantime just to be safe, so everyone eat extra for me :)

Happy Easter Weekend!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

We have been anxiously awaiting spring over here. I can finally say that we have a our first few real spring days this year. While there are still remnants of winter poking around we have had a couple of really fantastic days. We are outdoor loving people (and dog) and when the weather is nice-ish we are there. Amelia and Goose are in heaven! I took them outside yesterday and they played in our little backyard for hours. Amelia was even able to go sans coat and socks. I snapped some pictures of them playing and thought I would share the happiness. 

I promise she is happy, this is more of a "mom what is that thing in my face". 

One of her favorite games to play is run away from
 mom while waving and saying, "bye bye, see ya later".

My favorite happy faces. 

Happy Spring! 5 Days until (Greek) Easter! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Belly Update: 24 Weeks

.::6 MONTHS::.

24 Weeks
Symptoms: I have been feeling extra tired this week I think it is mostly because of all the painting but I fall asleep at 8:30 or 9 every night. It's not easy keeping up with a toddler, DIY, normal housework, and a dog while growing another human. 
Cravings: Back to sweets. Mostly pastries but really anything sweet will do. 
Missing: Regular clothes. I am not a fan of maternity clothes and I get frustrated nearly every time I have to get dressed. I just can't wait for maxi dresses. I think I will be living in them as soon as it is warm enough. 
Movement: Finally feeling (and seeing) kicks from the outside. I feel them early morning and late at night. The baby stays pretty still while I am active and as soon as I lay down the baby starts dancing. 
Highlight of the week: LDS Conference of course. Always makes for a fantastic and uplifting weekend. We also got some beach time and walking in this weekend. Loving this (semi) warm weather. 

Happy Thursday! Let me leave you with this little gem. He thinks he is so funny...I guess I do too :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Belly Update: 23 Weeks

23 Weeks
Symptoms: Not much to report here. Having a little trouble sleeping. 
Cravings: Finally craving fruits. I am having an aversion to vegetables which is really strange. Choking them down though. 
Missing: Caffeine. I do occasionally have a little but I am TIRED these days. Really really tired.  A nice large Diet Coke would do wonders. 
Movement: Lots of kicks. Mostly late at night or after I eat. I love feeling kicks. 
Highlight of the week: Getting a lot of stuff done around the house! You can see those details here.