Friday, March 21, 2014

Belly Update: 21 Weeks

21 Weeks
Symptoms: Hunger and sciatic pain. 
Cravings: Still carbs and lots of water. 
Missing: High aerobic exercise. I can't believe I miss Insanity but I do! I suppose I could do a modified version. 
Movement: Lots of kicks. This baby is sitting really low. 
Highlight of the week: First day of Spring! We had 1 day of weather in the high 40's and I can taste spring and summertime. Tastes like fresh lemonade and fruit salad.  

This pregnancy is going well so far. It has been a little more challenging than last time. I think the challenge is mostly related to having a toddler and moving (again). Now that we are getting more settled I am much more relaxed and the symptoms are getting better. With the exception of my clothes getting too small I am (luckily) not having many pregnancy symptoms. 

We are all moved into our new house in Maine and loving it. It is nice having our own place but more than anything Maine is truly our home. It is surprising that these California kids fit in so well but we LOVE LOVE it! It seems to be the place that we have been looking for all along. We have a perfect combination of the beach and small town country. It is very far away from EVERYONE we know but we feel very much at home in Maine. Everyday we talk about how much we love it and could see living here forever. With us you never know but I do think we found the place we will stay (ask me again in 3 years).

I hope everyone had a wonderful first day of spring and please send your warm weather vibes our way!

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