Monday, March 17, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks

In our new kitchen :)
20 Weeks
Symptoms: Heartburn, fatigue, acne, sciatic pain...the norm. 
Cravings: Carbs carbs carbs. Basically anything that involves any form. I am surprised I haven't gained more than 6 lbs. 
Missing: Caffeine and warm weather. I suppose the warm weather has nothing to do with the pregnancy but I reeeallly miss it. 
Movement: A little movement. We have moved past the flutters and feeling faint kicks. 
Highlight of the week: The 20 weeks ultrasound!

This pregnancy has been quite different than my first pregnancy. In the beginning I felt major fatigue. I even felt nausea for a couple weeks, thank goodness it was only a couple weeks. The biggest difference is the hunger. With Amelia I had hardly any cravings and pretty much wanted fruit and veggies the whole time. This time around the cravings kicked in immediately and haven't stopped. I want bagels, cereal, bread, pasta, and sweets.  I am doing my best to keep everything in check but truly that is what my body wants. I don't know if this is because I was eating a semi-paleo diet for a few months before (and loving it) but now I want all things starchy. While I don't want to gain too much weight (last time I gained 35lbs) I also know that cravings are sometimes telling us what we need. When I crave sweets I eat fruit and sometimes try to up my protein to help with the carb cravings. On the other hand, sometimes a cupcake is the only cure...

We had our 20 week ultrasound this week! 

No, we didn't find out the sex and no we don't plan to. We did, however, find out that we have a healthy wiggly baby. Even though we are halfway there it hasn't quite hit me yet. Then again, Amelia didn't really hit me until I was holding her at the hospital (and maybe not even then). Speaking of Amelia, does anyone have advice on introducing the idea of a new baby to a toddler? At this point she doesn't seem to understand/care. Just wondering what methods or ideas people have for helping a toddler understand what is about to happen. 

If you followed my blog last time you know that my weekly pictures are looking a little different. Last time I had a smaller chalkboard and I wore the same outfit every week with a different background. This time around I thought I would keep the background the same (the fabric was expensive) and wear different clothes. I also made a new chalkboard. I wanted something bigger and unframed. I had some old canvases laying around so I painted over an awful peacock painting I did a couple years ago and there you go, chalkboard! I think I might also document the belly from the above angle. What do you guys think?
Looks a lot bigger from this angle.

ps. St Patty's day post coming later today.
pss. We are making plans on the home blog. Check it out The Golden Peach.

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