Thursday, March 27, 2014

Belly Update: 22 Weeks mom always warned me about horizontal stripes. 

22 Weeks
Symptoms: Nighttime bathroom trips are starting. Awesome. 
Cravings: Water and gatorade. Lots of gatorade. 
Missing: Warm weather and dresses. I woke up to 5* this morning. Come on Spring! I can't wait to start wearing dresses. I am not a fan of maternity pants and my regular pants are not cutting it anymore. 
Movement: Still lots of kicks. 
Highlight of the week: Finally got to do a beach trip in a normal amount of layers. Goose has never been so thrilled! 

I started this blog because we live so far away from family. I am glad that I kept it up through the first pregnancy and that I am doing it again. One thing that is tough though is posting pictures when I am not feeling my best. I was for sure not feeling my best this week. The smile is a little forced and I can't help but hate that shirt in this picture. Not really doing me any favors. Anyway...moving on.

So who is counting down to Easter?? You know this girl is! I have almost everything for Amelia's basket and picked out the cutest little dress. In my family everyone had a "special" Easter outfit. When I mentioned this to Brian about getting Amelia a new dress for Easter he looked at me like I had two heads. Is that weird? I thought is was totally normal to get an Easter outfit.  And yes Amelia will be wearing a new dress, as will I (most likely because nothing will fit).

Happy Thursday!

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