Friday, March 28, 2014

19 Months

19 Months
-25.5 lbs & 33in
-First two weeks in Nursery (at church).
-Loves climbing up and down stairs (or anything).
-Major chatterbox. 
-Very much a daddy's girl still. 

We have made it through our first couple weeks in Nursery. This means that Brian and I can finally enjoy church again. The first week she did fantastic and the Nursery leaders asked if she was in daycare because it was such a smooth transition. The second week not so much. The second week we peeked into check on her halfway through and we could see her crying in the corner saying "No" to everything. We figured out that she had a dirty diaper and was NOT happy about it. We'll see how she does from here on out. I am been trying to push her nap time back everyday and hopefully we can continue to attend church uninterrupted (until August that is). 

She is still very sweet but I do see the occasional toddler sass making an appearance. She went through a 3 week aversion to the bath. I had the nerve of putting bubbles in one day a few weeks ago and it was a full bath time meltdown every night from that point on. We are finally coming around to her enjoying the bath again but it has been a rough couple weeks. Who knew bubbles could have such a reaction?? We found that adding Tupperware to the bath has been the trick. She loves it! Toddlers are real funny (and by funny I mean nutty). 

We love getting settled into the new place and Amelia has been quite the helper. She loves sweeping, which mean whacking me and Goose in the face with the broom. She also loves finding screwdrivers or anything like that and playing the drums on the floor. Oh and don't forget emptying out every drawer and cabinet at her level. The truth is that while this stage has been the hardest for me, I LOVE it! I love watching her personality come out and at this age you see changes almost everyday. 

Last but not least pajama time. 

Happy Weekend!

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