Friday, February 14, 2014

Full of Love

You know I love any reason to celebrate a holiday but we have an extra reason to celebrate this day of love. Baby #2 is on the way!

Tiny Tims...

I am due the end of July and feeling great! I just had my 16 week checkup today and the baby is sounding healthy. Amelia came to the appointment with me and when we heard the heartbeat she couldn't help but dance along. I have gained 1lb so far and have felt the little tiny raindrop flutters of movement. Looking forward to another summer pregnancy (not). I plan on doing weekly bump pictures once we are in the new house and giving more details once I start those. 

Hope everyone finds reason to celebrate today, Happy love day from our family to yours!


  1. Congratulations!! I am expecting some exciting posts with your house and baby updates :)

  2. Congrats! Two is double the fun :) Will you find out the gender?

    1. Thanks Christine! We are going to have the gender be a surprise again. It is hard with the planning but we loved finding out together in the delivery room. Hope you are doing well.