Wednesday, January 29, 2014

17 Months & Playing Catch-Up

17 Months
-Obsessed with her bear, goes everywhere (Beary Manilow)
-Saying "uh oh" all the time...ALL the time
-Finally getting some hair, and it is getting darker (like mama)
-Getting better and better at signing
-LOVES playing piano, and she is not half bad
-Has started singing along when we sing
-Eating everything insight
-Champion sleeper (still 2 naps and not complaining)

I have been MIA from the blog for the last month. I am gonna blame it on a case of the Januaries. We have been sick one after the other for a month Amelia has been teething (molars), and we are freezing our buns off leaving me motivated to do nothing. Not a thing. Poor Brian. He is lucky if I even change out of my jammies let along do the grocery shopping. A sick baby, a sick mama, and snow do not mix. I am not in the mood. Anyway, moving on. Since I have been MIA we have a bit of catching up to do. 

We spend a lot of our snowy days looking out the windows dreaming of spring. Well maybe I am dreaming of spring and Amelia just wants to be outside. She also propped her bear up like that so he could see as well. She is already a little Mama, taking care of her buddy. 
We also took our festive pajama pictures for the month. I have never been big on Valentine's day but with a baby I kind of dig it. She looks so cute in red and pink and I am almost motivated to make heart shaped everything with some homemade Valentine cards for all of our friends and family. Almost...
such a pretty face. baby skin makes me jealous. 

Speaking of snow covered everything. Let us look back on one of the many storms we have had this winter. This was a 12 incher that caused some evacuations.  

I think this was right before I had to clean off the car in my church clothes up to my knees in snow. Super fun...Goose loves it though. We do get stir crazy from time to time and venture out for some activity. I really look forward to when we can start taking Amelia to do snow sports. I can't wait to try out cross country skiing.

We ventured out for some hiking and it did not go as planned. We did get bundled and felt prepared. We were not prepared for ice. You can never be prepared for ice. We still decided to hike anyway and have not laughed that hard in a long time. 

This might look like slushy snow...straight up ice skating rink. I fell an average of 4 times a minute. Luckily Brian is better with the ice.
Most of our days wind up indoors in pajamas, playing the piano, reading books, or watching a movie in bed. I guess that isn't such a bad thing. I do love hanging out with these two goobers. 

Sorry I have been neglectful of the blog but our life hasn't been as eventful this month. Well we did buy a house (check out those details here). Overall I am hoping we can get over these colds and suck it up with the weather and get to having some wintery fun. 

ps. Prayers for all my friends and family in Atlanta. An inch of snow may not seem like a lot but ice is dangerous and terrifying. I hope that people can get back to their families soon. Warm ice melting wishes your way. 

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  1. We were lucky to get home safe and sound in the same night! Feeling very blessed.

    Hope y'all get to feeling better and the winter blues go away. I can't imagine having knee deep snow in a new place. I wouldn't want to leave much either!