Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Merriest of Days

We had a wonderfully Merry Christmas this year. I was a little sad leading up to Christmas because we weren't going to see any family, but luckily for Skype we were able to celebrate together and had a great time. 

Before I get into the details lets take a look back at Amelia from just last Christmas. 
Look at that little baldy!
Flash forward a year to a little more hair and she still the sweetest little thing. We have had a great time celebrating the holiday for the entire month. Amelia has loved waking up to a Christmas tree every morning and if the lights aren't on she promptly let me know. 

We weren't going to be traveling this year so we didn't plan much for the holiday. We basically wanted good food, some gifts, and more good food. Oh and a lot of relaxing! 

We rarely eat sweet treats so we take advantage for the holidays. Cinnamon rolls, peppermint bark (all the way from Cali), and Christmas crepes. My family has had crepes for Christmas breakfast every Christmas I can remember. And yes I add whip cream and blueberries to almost every sweet breakfast. Love.

We spent Christmas Eve driving around looking at lights and reading Christmas stories in our pajamas.  After Amelia went to bed we put on The Christmas Story marathon and finished last minute wrapping and assembling. 
I used butcher paper and twine for wrapping.
 Cost around $10 for the butcher paper that will last 
for at least 2 more holiday seasons. I think it looks so cute too!

When Christmas morning came, I made Brian put on matching pajamas and we got to work on the presents. Amelia seemed to enjoy it and was really excited opening up a lot of the presents. She has not put down a stuffed minnie mouse we got from Brian's Aunts and she loves the easel my mom sent. Oh and of course she loved all of Goose's presents and kept those for herself as well.  
She also loved the overalls her Aunt Kiki sent. She looked like a little farmer.

We feel blessed to have each other and our families during this holiday season. We definitely feel the love with all the gifts that were sent. Thanks to all those that thought of us. Amelia is a lucky girl. 

I hope everyone had the Merriest Christmas and here is to a fantastic New Year!

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