Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snow Day!

We have had 2 snow storms come through in the last 4 days! Basically just massive amounts of snow. I remember when we moved here I said to Brian, "It probably doesn't even snow that much as the beach". Ha! We are up to our knees (well I am) in snow. It is beautiful and magical and freezing. I finally decided that I would bundle Amelia up and we would try and play in the front yard. She LOVED it! 

I have learned that it takes longer to get her dressed than the time spent actually playing. I have also learned that I need to find water-proof gloves in toddler size. But she looked so cute all bundled up.

Goose showing her how it's done. He is so protective of her.
 He really kind of acts like an older sibling. Showing her the ropes,
 making sure she is safe, licking her face....
Goose was mad because I made him sit and pose for the picture. 
Besos for Goose. 

It is so much fun having new adventures with our fam. We haven't lived in snow for 6 years!! I am not a big lover of snow or cold but I love new experiences and change. Even if that means taking 20 minutes to put snow clothes on Amelia just to walk around in the front yard.

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