Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

I wasn't sure how Thanksgiving was going to go since it was just the 3 (or 4 with Goose) of us. We usually spend the holidays with family or friends so this was new to be just us. We definitely missed family but we had a great time. 

Luckily for Brian the surf really cooperated with the holiday and time off. He surfed 4 days in a row and was feeling the stoke again. I was just waking up to make breakfast when he came home (still in his suit because it is too cold to change outside). Love when he has good surf days. 
I was hurrying to make a Thanksgiving themed breakfast before Amelia woke up. I ended up making a pumpkin pancake recipe I found on Pinterest. It was basically Bisquick recipe with pumpkin pie filling mixed in. Actually really good and easy. I topped it with Vermont syrup, whipped cream, and blueberries. Amelia only ate the blueberries of course. I should have taken after Amelia because I was sick. I am not used to sweet foods right now, especially in the morning. Still worth it though, for the sake of the holiday :)

After breakfast we headed over to meet some friends for a turkey bowl game. I would've like to play but Amelia wanted to sit this one out so we watched. We started out watching and walking around the field but it was way too cold. It looks like a nice sunny day (which is was sunny) but it was bone chillingly cold. 
We ended up back in the car with the heater on. No amount of clothing could keep us warm. 
After we all took naps, enjoyed the Macy's Day Parade, and watched a marathon of all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes we started cooking some dinner. 
When we were deciding what to have for Thanksgiving dinner we took the toddler approach. Whatever we saw when we walked around the grocery store that sounded good we put it in the cart. No joke. It was awesome. Childhood dream come true. We had enchiladas, Spanish rice, stuffing, mashed potatoes, spinach dip, onion dip, baked asparagus, and cookies. Oh and don't forget the Martinelli's. 

We ended the night by watching Elf (our only Thanksgiving tradition) in our Christmas pajamas. 

Brian got up the next morning for surfing and then we planned on some black Friday shopping when he got back. We aren't crazy black Friday shoppers but we do enjoy going. We didn't end up going until about 9am but we were out until 5pm. We had a great time (except at Kohl's, that was a nightmare). We got some great deals and Amelia had such a great time she didn't even nap. We scored 2 pairs of Christmas pajamas for FREE from Sears. Can't beat free. I was so caught up in the fun I didn't take any pictures. We ended the night with Christmas pajamas, hot chocolate, and tree decorating. I could not wait for Amelia to see it decorated when she got up. 

When Saturday morning came it was a full on Christmas party. Starting with a Christmas music dance party in the kitchen. 

We ended up using our little 4ft fake tree. I love real trees but we just don't have the space in our tiny little furnished rental. It is actually nice because Amelia can't really get her little fingers on the ornaments so it works out. I will have to get a pine smelling candle I guess. 

Our tree is full of meaningful ornaments mixed with some traditional. I would love to have two trees eventually. I would do a full on decorated trendy tree and then our traditional memory tree. It is fun pulling out ornaments year after to year to remind us of Christmas' past. 

After staring at the tree for a good hour and dancing off all the cookies, we put on our black Friday finds for a day of running errands. Amelia also had her first real babysitting experience and we had our 2nd night away from Amelia since she was born. Catching Fire of course. Quite the weekend! 

Hope everyone enjoyed their kickoff to the Holiday season as much as we did! 22 Days until Christmas!

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