Monday, December 30, 2013

16 Months

Love this picture! She helped me draw this months chalkboard. 

16 Months
-22.5 lbs & 29 ins (at 15 month checkup)
- Eating everything in sight and still a champion sleeper.
-Loves saying "no" to everything. EVERYTHING. It's too cute
to get mad....right now. 
-Back on the paci (just during naps).
-Loved the holidays as much as her momma.
-Loves giving EVERYTHING kisses, except mom. Mostly Goose.

I don't have a lot to report this month. Amelia is doing really well. She seems to be on track with everything. She loves coloring and reading. She loves dancing and climbing up on the furniture. 

I guess one thing to report is we will be visiting the cardiologist next month for some tests. The doctors noticed a little heart murmur when she was around 6 months old. They have never seemed to have any issues with it until the last appointment the Dr. felt like it was time to get it checked out. Usually they start to fade by her age but Amelia's is getting louder. I am gonna put it out there, I am not worried about it. She is healthy and growing normally, there are no signs that there is a larger issue so I am not worried. Just something to report. It's funny I am a super anxious and prone to stress but some things just don't stress me out. I will worry if there is something to worry about, and I will keep you posted. 

Now that the holidays are over we are in full house mode. We got a realtor and we have been scheduling appointments every weekend. We are coming up short because there is really nothing out there. Hopefully in the next couple of months something comes up because we have to be out of our rental early May. It will be a sad day to move away from our beach vacay home but I can't wait to get into our own place with our own furniture. Wish us luck!

Last but not least, Amelia's monthly pajama picture.

My mom gave Amelia these pajamas last Christmas and we couldn't wait for her to wear them. She looks like a little elf. Look at that receding hair line! I LOVE it! 

Have a fantastic New Year's celebration! I am writing down my resolutions and I hope to make them last through January.  Here is to a happy and healthy 2014!

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