Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend in a Nutshell

I could really sum up our weekend with two words: house hunting. We have been spending almost every weekend lately driving and driving and driving. We want to really get to know every area and figure out what we really want. More details later this week on our house hunting adventures so far. 

In between houses and neighborhoods we managed to have some fun this weekend. Brian has been dying to go bowling lately so we looked up a place while we were out and about Saturday and headed on over. As soon as we walked in it was a little off. Check out the pictures to see for yourself. 

Candle pin bowling?? We walked in and said, "what kind of sorcery is this?". Okay really we just asked what it was and decided to go with it. There was a big learning curve but I had the advantage. The ball is a little bigger than a softball and as a former pitcher I smoked him. My score was not that far off my regular bowling score but Brian was at least 100 shy of his average.

After bowling we stopped by the flea market looking store I had been dying to go in. I was unpleasantly surprise. Apparently it was just a place for a hoarder to keep her things. Bust.

We love love the sunsets around here and get some good ones right by our place. The hard part about this time of year is that they happen at 4:30pm. Yikes that is early. Winter is coming...

Our church held a hoedown this weekend. We decided last minute to go and had a blast. Dressed up and dancing. One of the best church parties I have been too. 

Last I wanted to include a little video of Amelia. She loved doing the line dance with everyone. This is a really fun age for us and love seeing her little personality come out. 

PS.. Sorry for all the grainy IPhone pictures. Forgot my camera. 
PS2.. More results from Insanity coming soon....

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