Monday, November 18, 2013

Two Weeks Left: Truth Time

I can see the finish line. I am two weeks away (13 days to be exact) from finishing Insanity. I am feeling accomplished and proud that I have stuck with it this entire time. I still have not missed one workout in 50 days but it hasn't been perfect. I am gonna lay out some of the good and bad that I have been going through. Here it is:

1. I am seeing results. Every week or so I can see and feel a difference. Sometimes that difference is not in appearance but in endurance. Sometimes the difference is that I can do 1 more push up than the last time I did the video. I will take whatever progress I can get.

2. I have yet to complete a max video start to finish without modifying. Max videos are HARD.  Like laying on the floor, out of breath, covered in sweat hard. I usually have to modify a few moves or push pause a couple of times to catch my breath. I am trying my hardest and my hardest is nowhere near Shaun T's level....yet. 

3. My free day has turned into free weekend or free snack everyday. I am re-focusing but I don't do well with a lot of structure around my eating. I despise diets, with a passion! I like to eat what I want when I want, which is generally healthy. That being said, most of my results are from the eating changes so I am sticking with the changes I have made.  So if you have a weekend like I did (pizza, soda, candy, etc) then just enjoy it and try to make healthy choices the next day or don't but you'll have to work out way harder (with less results). I prefer to eat healthy and work out less. 

4. I have no idea if I have lost weight. I am assuming that I have but I have no idea. I am at the point where I am now terrified to step on the scale out of fear that I haven't. This is totally unhealthy. Progress is not about weight! I have to remind myself of this all the time. If you look at my fit test post its (above) I have clearly made progress. You can also see my progress from my result pictures here and here. That can be another goal that I add, get a healthier attitude. 

5. I have realized that there is no finish line. I am exhausted right now, but I also know that I can't stop when I reach my final fit test of Insanity. I am thrilled that I will have completed something but I know that I will still have to pick myself up and keep going the next day. I don't know what the next exercise mountain I want to climb it, but it might be another 60 days of Insanity. If I don't continue, the work I have put in, it will all be for not. Anyone that has taken time off from exercising knows that it doesn't take long to lose that endurance and muscle tone you just spent so much time building. 

Overall I am feeling great. Probably more in shape and healthy than I have been in years (yes years). Fifty days of exercise and (mostly) focused eating has been all it took to get me back on track. Here is to the next fifty and the fifty after that, but mostly here is to the next two weeks :)

Happy Monday! 10 Days until Thanksgiving! 

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