Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Celebrating November

Love this family picture. Can you spot Goosey?

I love November. I love November almost as much as October. Mostly I love November because it is full of boots, scarves, hot chocolate, and Christmas is in the air.  We are pretty traditional, and by we I mean me. Brian doesn't really care much for traditions and goes along with whatever I want. Thanksgiving, however, doesn't hold many traditions for our family. I grew up traveling a lot on Thanksgiving and eating out (oddly enough). I think our only tradition was going to the movies together. In the 5 years that Brian and I have been married we have never had a traditional Thanksgiving. Our first Thanksgiving was spent apart, 2nd 3rd & 4th were spent at restaurants (traveling). On our 5th year we were finally in our home in Georgia and ready to Thanksgiving it up...well what do you know, Brian doesn't really like Thanksgiving food (EXCUSE ME).

I am laid back (sometimes) so I said that Brian could decide on our Thanksgiving traditions. Well he makes really good enchiladas and that is what he wanted last year and what we are going to have this year. He makes the enchiladas and I make every dip we like (spinach, bean, onion). We feast all day and get up our energy for Black Friday shopping. We are ready for our non-traditional Thanksgiving this year and I am thrilled.

So how else do we celebrate November. We get ready for Christmas of course. I have been blasting Christmas music (Straight no Chaser, 12 Days of Christmas...check it out), my nails are painted festive red, and Amelia and I have been in Christmas pajamas since November 1st. 

I'll take boot socks, a chenille throw, comfy sweater, and Holiday polish anytime. 

Also because we live far away from everyone we know (insert tears here) we do our shopping pretty early. I am actually almost done. This week we got to go to the Timberland sample sale. By sample sale I mean heaven. There was a big tent set up and it is full of Timberland (and some other brands) sample merchandise. It is extremely marked down because all the proceeds go to charity and the clothing isn't going to be sold anyway. Basically it is the best part of having a spouse work for an apparel company. 
the tent of goods
all bundled and excited for the sale
Most of our spoils. We made out this year. (sorry for the blurry pic)

Last but not least, it is not a Holiday without some chalkboard drawings. Such an easy, low-maintenance way to decorate.  

Happy November! 

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