Saturday, November 16, 2013

Boston, MA

This weekend we needed a break from house hunting. Well I really needed a break and I am sure Amelia could use a weekend without driving around and around and around. We decided it was the perfect day to finally head to Boston. Neither of us have visited before and we were jazzed (cue jazz hands) about it. We loosely planned out the day and drove the 40ish miles down. First up, the Boston aquarium. 

Even before Amelia came around we have always enjoyed visiting aquariums in different cities. We always rank each aquarium against the others as well. Boston was nice and in a fantastic location but lined up with the others it was probably our least favorite. Here is our my order:

1. Monterrey Bay
2. Vancouver, BC
3. Georgia
4. Tennessee
5. Boston

We had a good time but it was extremely crowded so we didn't really get to enjoy it like we would've liked. It was also very hard to see everything and hardly anything was at Amelia's level. We probably wont go back, but we still had a good time. 

After the aquarium we headed over to Legal Seafood for lunch. We have heard about the clam chowdah (oh yeah Boston accent) and knew we had to check it out. It happens to be right across the street from the aquarium so it was perfect. This restaurant has served Chowder at every Inauguration dinner since Reagan, and it lived up to the hype. Delicioso! A perfect place to take visitors.....anyone, anyone??

After lunch we walked over to Boston Commons. A fantastic park in the city. That is my favorite part about larger cities, the parks smack in the middle. 

After a walk around the park we hopped on the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile long trail throughout the city that takes you by different historically significant sites. The trail is marked with either brick or red paint. Takes the hassle out of looking at a map and you can just enjoy the sites. We LOVED it! We had the best time taking in the city and enjoying a bit of history as well. Not to mention I love a nice long walk :) 

The trail also took us past a fantastic market. I think it was called Hanover Market. Basically a produce lined street. It we didn't have more walking left I would've picked up some goods. 

We cut the trail a little short because we had a toddler with us and a Goose at home. On our walk back to the car we took a little detour to check out the harbor. Wouldn't ya know it, beautiful. 

Amelia was pretty cold by the end (those are socks on her hands) but she was happy and relaxed. Such a trooper! We like to be on the move and we really lucked out that she is so accommodating. 

Moral of this blog post: We LOVED Boston! It is a small big city and I love that it is so close. It is perfect for walking, it has fantastic sports teams, and great food. I can't wait to explore even more next time we venture down there. 

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