Tuesday, November 26, 2013

15 Months & Snow

sometimes this is the best picture you get, she is
a toddler after all. Look at how
tall she looks!!!

15 Months
Stats at last appointment: 22.5 lbs & 28.5 ins
-Signing: More, Hungry, Bottle, Please, I love you (my favorite)
-Words: Hi, Bye, Mom, Dad, Yia-Yia, Goose, Nice, Stay (for Goose)
-First Snow!
-Trying to run and jump
-Climbing stairs on her own (up & down)

I have loved every age of Amelia's life so far. This age that we are entering has been so much fun but has also started to offer some challenges. Amelia is so sweet but she is starting to understand the art of a tantrum. She is still her sweet and happy self but showing signs of a toddler. She loves to walk around the grocery store, not sit in the cart and she will be vocal if she doesn't get her way. She even threw herself on the ground in home depot because she didn't want to hold my hand. I was surprised. It wasn't really a big deal, she just sat on the ground until I picked her up. Also as can be seen from the picture above she was not thrilled to be taking pictures. She wanted her snack cup and I tried to take it away for the picture...not happening. This was the best we could get. I do like when pictures reflect the moment so I still love a good tantrum picture. 

This month we have been enjoying dealing with the cold. The temp has started to drop and my Cali/Georgia blood does not feel ready for it. I am FREEZING. This is just the beginning...yikes. We woke up this morning with snow flurries and our street/yard covered in snow. I was thrilled. First off snow means that the temp is not too low (get worried when it's too cold to snow), and I am thrilled at how festive snow makes everything. Can't wait until there is enough for playing and snowshoeing!!!
Amelia was so exited when she looked out the window. This was her first experience with snow. We didn't go out to play in it because it melted pretty fast but she loved seeing it through the window. We ended up taking her monthly pajama pictures right when she woke up and saw the show. LOVE the pictures. So much joy!
All too appropriate that she is wearing penguin pajamas.
Her sweet face.
Her silly face. Love that. 
We also hit up a festival of trees this last weekend. Brian's company entered a tree in a local festival and we went to support and enjoy all the decorated trees. 
They are still so much alike. 
Amelia was obsessed with this tree. It was a landscaping company
that decorated it. A tree fountain. Fun~
Sorry for the blurry iphone pics. 

Last but not least a sweet pic of our girl. Snuggling with whatever stuffed animal she can pull off the shelves. She is so loving and yes that is the candy isle...no judging. But you should try dark chocolate peanut m&m's! You'll never go back. The only candy I eat because there is no way I can give it up :)

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