Tuesday, November 26, 2013

15 Months & Snow

sometimes this is the best picture you get, she is
a toddler after all. Look at how
tall she looks!!!

15 Months
Stats at last appointment: 22.5 lbs & 28.5 ins
-Signing: More, Hungry, Bottle, Please, I love you (my favorite)
-Words: Hi, Bye, Mom, Dad, Yia-Yia, Goose, Nice, Stay (for Goose)
-First Snow!
-Trying to run and jump
-Climbing stairs on her own (up & down)

I have loved every age of Amelia's life so far. This age that we are entering has been so much fun but has also started to offer some challenges. Amelia is so sweet but she is starting to understand the art of a tantrum. She is still her sweet and happy self but showing signs of a toddler. She loves to walk around the grocery store, not sit in the cart and she will be vocal if she doesn't get her way. She even threw herself on the ground in home depot because she didn't want to hold my hand. I was surprised. It wasn't really a big deal, she just sat on the ground until I picked her up. Also as can be seen from the picture above she was not thrilled to be taking pictures. She wanted her snack cup and I tried to take it away for the picture...not happening. This was the best we could get. I do like when pictures reflect the moment so I still love a good tantrum picture. 

This month we have been enjoying dealing with the cold. The temp has started to drop and my Cali/Georgia blood does not feel ready for it. I am FREEZING. This is just the beginning...yikes. We woke up this morning with snow flurries and our street/yard covered in snow. I was thrilled. First off snow means that the temp is not too low (get worried when it's too cold to snow), and I am thrilled at how festive snow makes everything. Can't wait until there is enough for playing and snowshoeing!!!
Amelia was so exited when she looked out the window. This was her first experience with snow. We didn't go out to play in it because it melted pretty fast but she loved seeing it through the window. We ended up taking her monthly pajama pictures right when she woke up and saw the show. LOVE the pictures. So much joy!
All too appropriate that she is wearing penguin pajamas.
Her sweet face.
Her silly face. Love that. 
We also hit up a festival of trees this last weekend. Brian's company entered a tree in a local festival and we went to support and enjoy all the decorated trees. 
They are still so much alike. 
Amelia was obsessed with this tree. It was a landscaping company
that decorated it. A tree fountain. Fun~
Sorry for the blurry iphone pics. 

Last but not least a sweet pic of our girl. Snuggling with whatever stuffed animal she can pull off the shelves. She is so loving and yes that is the candy isle...no judging. But you should try dark chocolate peanut m&m's! You'll never go back. The only candy I eat because there is no way I can give it up :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Celebrating November

Love this family picture. Can you spot Goosey?

I love November. I love November almost as much as October. Mostly I love November because it is full of boots, scarves, hot chocolate, and Christmas is in the air.  We are pretty traditional, and by we I mean me. Brian doesn't really care much for traditions and goes along with whatever I want. Thanksgiving, however, doesn't hold many traditions for our family. I grew up traveling a lot on Thanksgiving and eating out (oddly enough). I think our only tradition was going to the movies together. In the 5 years that Brian and I have been married we have never had a traditional Thanksgiving. Our first Thanksgiving was spent apart, 2nd 3rd & 4th were spent at restaurants (traveling). On our 5th year we were finally in our home in Georgia and ready to Thanksgiving it up...well what do you know, Brian doesn't really like Thanksgiving food (EXCUSE ME).

I am laid back (sometimes) so I said that Brian could decide on our Thanksgiving traditions. Well he makes really good enchiladas and that is what he wanted last year and what we are going to have this year. He makes the enchiladas and I make every dip we like (spinach, bean, onion). We feast all day and get up our energy for Black Friday shopping. We are ready for our non-traditional Thanksgiving this year and I am thrilled.

So how else do we celebrate November. We get ready for Christmas of course. I have been blasting Christmas music (Straight no Chaser, 12 Days of Christmas...check it out), my nails are painted festive red, and Amelia and I have been in Christmas pajamas since November 1st. 

I'll take boot socks, a chenille throw, comfy sweater, and Holiday polish anytime. 

Also because we live far away from everyone we know (insert tears here) we do our shopping pretty early. I am actually almost done. This week we got to go to the Timberland sample sale. By sample sale I mean heaven. There was a big tent set up and it is full of Timberland (and some other brands) sample merchandise. It is extremely marked down because all the proceeds go to charity and the clothing isn't going to be sold anyway. Basically it is the best part of having a spouse work for an apparel company. 
the tent of goods
all bundled and excited for the sale
Most of our spoils. We made out this year. (sorry for the blurry pic)

Last but not least, it is not a Holiday without some chalkboard drawings. Such an easy, low-maintenance way to decorate.  

Happy November! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Two Weeks Left: Truth Time

I can see the finish line. I am two weeks away (13 days to be exact) from finishing Insanity. I am feeling accomplished and proud that I have stuck with it this entire time. I still have not missed one workout in 50 days but it hasn't been perfect. I am gonna lay out some of the good and bad that I have been going through. Here it is:

1. I am seeing results. Every week or so I can see and feel a difference. Sometimes that difference is not in appearance but in endurance. Sometimes the difference is that I can do 1 more push up than the last time I did the video. I will take whatever progress I can get.

2. I have yet to complete a max video start to finish without modifying. Max videos are HARD.  Like laying on the floor, out of breath, covered in sweat hard. I usually have to modify a few moves or push pause a couple of times to catch my breath. I am trying my hardest and my hardest is nowhere near Shaun T's level....yet. 

3. My free day has turned into free weekend or free snack everyday. I am re-focusing but I don't do well with a lot of structure around my eating. I despise diets, with a passion! I like to eat what I want when I want, which is generally healthy. That being said, most of my results are from the eating changes so I am sticking with the changes I have made.  So if you have a weekend like I did (pizza, soda, candy, etc) then just enjoy it and try to make healthy choices the next day or don't but you'll have to work out way harder (with less results). I prefer to eat healthy and work out less. 

4. I have no idea if I have lost weight. I am assuming that I have but I have no idea. I am at the point where I am now terrified to step on the scale out of fear that I haven't. This is totally unhealthy. Progress is not about weight! I have to remind myself of this all the time. If you look at my fit test post its (above) I have clearly made progress. You can also see my progress from my result pictures here and here. That can be another goal that I add, get a healthier attitude. 

5. I have realized that there is no finish line. I am exhausted right now, but I also know that I can't stop when I reach my final fit test of Insanity. I am thrilled that I will have completed something but I know that I will still have to pick myself up and keep going the next day. I don't know what the next exercise mountain I want to climb it, but it might be another 60 days of Insanity. If I don't continue, the work I have put in, it will all be for not. Anyone that has taken time off from exercising knows that it doesn't take long to lose that endurance and muscle tone you just spent so much time building. 

Overall I am feeling great. Probably more in shape and healthy than I have been in years (yes years). Fifty days of exercise and (mostly) focused eating has been all it took to get me back on track. Here is to the next fifty and the fifty after that, but mostly here is to the next two weeks :)

Happy Monday! 10 Days until Thanksgiving! 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Boston, MA

This weekend we needed a break from house hunting. Well I really needed a break and I am sure Amelia could use a weekend without driving around and around and around. We decided it was the perfect day to finally head to Boston. Neither of us have visited before and we were jazzed (cue jazz hands) about it. We loosely planned out the day and drove the 40ish miles down. First up, the Boston aquarium. 

Even before Amelia came around we have always enjoyed visiting aquariums in different cities. We always rank each aquarium against the others as well. Boston was nice and in a fantastic location but lined up with the others it was probably our least favorite. Here is our my order:

1. Monterrey Bay
2. Vancouver, BC
3. Georgia
4. Tennessee
5. Boston

We had a good time but it was extremely crowded so we didn't really get to enjoy it like we would've liked. It was also very hard to see everything and hardly anything was at Amelia's level. We probably wont go back, but we still had a good time. 

After the aquarium we headed over to Legal Seafood for lunch. We have heard about the clam chowdah (oh yeah Boston accent) and knew we had to check it out. It happens to be right across the street from the aquarium so it was perfect. This restaurant has served Chowder at every Inauguration dinner since Reagan, and it lived up to the hype. Delicioso! A perfect place to take visitors.....anyone, anyone??

After lunch we walked over to Boston Commons. A fantastic park in the city. That is my favorite part about larger cities, the parks smack in the middle. 

After a walk around the park we hopped on the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile long trail throughout the city that takes you by different historically significant sites. The trail is marked with either brick or red paint. Takes the hassle out of looking at a map and you can just enjoy the sites. We LOVED it! We had the best time taking in the city and enjoying a bit of history as well. Not to mention I love a nice long walk :) 

The trail also took us past a fantastic market. I think it was called Hanover Market. Basically a produce lined street. It we didn't have more walking left I would've picked up some goods. 

We cut the trail a little short because we had a toddler with us and a Goose at home. On our walk back to the car we took a little detour to check out the harbor. Wouldn't ya know it, beautiful. 

Amelia was pretty cold by the end (those are socks on her hands) but she was happy and relaxed. Such a trooper! We like to be on the move and we really lucked out that she is so accommodating. 

Moral of this blog post: We LOVED Boston! It is a small big city and I love that it is so close. It is perfect for walking, it has fantastic sports teams, and great food. I can't wait to explore even more next time we venture down there. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Craft Fair: Bow-tiful

Amelia and I have been busy bees making headbands and bows for a craft fair next weekend. My mom and sister are fantastically crafty and participate in the same fair every year. Since I make most of Amelia's bows anyway they asked if I wanted to send some over for the fair. I scavenged the remnant fabric section at Joann's and got to work. Amelia makes my bows look pretty cute. 

If you live in the Ukiah area make sure you stop by the craft fair. There will be lots of goods including Amelia's Bows that we sent off today. The bows range in prices from $2-$6 and are mostly one size fits all.  My mom makes beautiful ornaments and my sister knits  scarves that are up for sale as well. Stop by and check it out!

Home for the Holidays Craft Fair

November 22 11am-7pm
November 23 10am-6pm
November 24 11am-3pm

Willow Ave, Ukiah, Ca (I don't know the address, but follow the signs)