Sunday, October 27, 2013

Salem, MA

Where else would we go the weekend before Halloween??? Salem, of course. A great thing about living in New England is everything is really close. Salem is only 30 miles from our house in the Hamp so we took a little morning trip to celebrate my favorite holiday. 

Turns out Salem is extremely touristy during the month of October. Apparently I am the only one that didn't realize this. Touristy in a crowded way but also in a bunch of pop up attractions. Not my kind of thing. The town does something called haunted happenings everyday in October, there is a fair and haunted houses on every corner. We went because we wanted to see the Salem Witch Museum and ended up walking around and taking it all in. With all the crowds we decided to come back and see the museum at a non touristy time. 

We really enjoyed hanging out in the historic downtown and the people watching was fantastic. A lot of costumes! Oh and did I mention this was also the weekend of the psychic convention...all the crazies were out and about.  

Witchcraft stores, nightmare museums, and all that fun stuff. 

Salem witch trials memorial.
On the right is the Witch museum and the statue on the left is
 of the founder of Salem. 
Washington Square Park
Every frame is straight out of Hocus Pocus. I liked this picture
because the tree was so beautiful and the fence has a creepy vibe and 
the building was a funeral home. Very Salem. 
Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Ma. 
Stumbled upon this National Park. Yep a pirate ship. It is called the 
Friendship of Salem and is a recreation pirate ship and considered a National Park. 
It mostly stays here but is capable of taking trips out in the
 water via the coast guard. 
Love the colors. 
Happy little clam. 

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