Monday, October 7, 2013

Round 3 (or is it 4?)

That's right, I am at it again. I have yet to get through all 60 days but I am DETERMINED this time. Life was crazy and I can come up with any excuse in the book not to work out. The thing that's crazy is that I LOVE working out but it always hits the back burner when I get busy. Well my schedule is wide open and I am doing this. I started week 2 today and it was HARD. Week one nearly killed me but I made it through. This time around I am rewarding myself ONLY if I get to 60 consecutive days. No cheating (who am i really cheating here?) and no excuses. If I get to 60 consecutive Insanity days I am rewarding myself with either a gym membership or T25 (the newest workout from Shaun T). 

Back in the spring I hit my pre preg weight and I have just sat on this number now for a while. My pre preg weight was about 15 lbs above my goal. This is where I am still sitting (well I think, I don't have a scale). So I have a number in my head as my ultimate goal and I am planning on being there when I finally get my scale out of storage in May. Well obviously 7 months is plenty of time to lose 15 lbs so I think that we are gonna do it. 

For the next 7 months the plan is as follows:

-Work out daily: 6 days of insanity and one day of jogging/hiking (eat less move more, right?)
-Tons of water: I usually get in a gallon a day when I am home and at least 8 cups when I am out. I dare you to try and drink a gallon when you are running errands. Bathroom stops every 30 thank you. 
-Limit Caffeine/Soda: I don't drink a lot of soda but I usually have a can of Diet Coke every other day (some days I have A LOT more). This is tough because as a bad sleeper I look forward to caffeine for my taking care of Amelia boost.
-No fast food: This is pretty easy right now. I don't have a car (Brian and I are sharing) so I can't go shopping and eat fast food like I might if I had the car freedom. Also the food in New Hampshire is crazy fresh and inspiring to cook with. Easy peasy.
-No big diet restrictions: I don't do well when I tell myself I can't have something. I am a healthy eater (always have been) but when I want candy corn I want it. If I restrict myself I tend to binge so this way I can keep it all in moderation (except with candy corn) 
- No weighing myself: This is mostly because I don't have a scale. I am finding it very rewarding to judge my progress on how I feel and how my clothes fit. Weight is just a number right. 
-7-8 Hours of sleep at night: This is really hard for me! I am a terrible sleeper. I would say that I average 4 hours a night. I have been supplementing with melatonin to help me sleep and it is getting me to about 6 hours. We'll get there. 
-Buddy system: I keep in touch with a buddy to hold each other accountable. Basically just being each others cheerleaders.
-No food rewards: This is tough for me because I like to reward an insanity workout with a diet coke. Kind of I will reward myself with things that will get me to my goal. Rewards like new shoes, new work out program, gym membership, and maybe I will throw in a new tripod for my camera. Really the best reward would be going down pants size :)

Now that it is all written down it seems like a lot but I think it is very do able. Lets post a couple of before pictures for even more motivation. 

On my due date
7 months postpartum 
current weight (scarves are my security blanket)
at my goal weight circa 2010 (with my beautiful sisters)

The most important part of of this is feeling comfortable in my skin and happy. I am happy but I want to be fit and healthy. I am on my way. Something I remind myself everyday when I don't feel like working out, a year from now I will wish I started today. Everyday that I work on my fitness and health I will be happy that I did. I will never ever regret a work out and I will never regret taking care of myself. Same goes for everyone out there. No one has ever regretted taking care of their bodies. After all, it's the only one we have.

Happy Monday Everyone! Healthy wishes your way! 

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